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It’s a NO for Michigan

A big disappointment for Michigan sports betting enthusiasts took place today when Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed down bills that would have authorized online gambling in Michigan, including wagers placed on sports. If passed this bill could have lined Michigan up to be the fifth state of offer online gambling.

A letter was written to lawmakers by Snyder stating that the legislation is in need of a more careful study, noting that Michigan didn’t have the data to support the change at this time. The governor also was reported citing his concerns about the impact on the lottery system, which helps fund Michigan schools. He did not feel it was appropriate to sign legislation that would have effectively resulted in more gambling, with a “reasonable chance” of the state losing revenue because internet gambling would have been taxed at a lower rate.

Perhaps today’s decision is not a solid NO for the state, but it is sure to slow down the process for incorporating online legalized sports wagering in Michigan. This could also be a sign of what 2019 holds for other states believed to be nearing their final steps.

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