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You Bet it Works: CEO David Wang Creates iGaming & Sportsbook Enterprise Solution with Bet.Works

As the U.S. sports betting market began its expansion across the states just how ready were sports betting technologies? Were they even ready at all? David Wang, CEO of Bet.Works surly did not think so.

Prior to founding Bet.Works, Wang could have been found launching mobile sports betting in Las Vegas for two of the largest gaming operators in the world. It was at that time that it became quite apparent to him that many of the incumbent sports betting technologies were outdated, faced a lack of investment and even more importantly were not very focused on the U.S. market.

As the U.S. regulatory landscape started to shift towards a full repeal of PASPA, Wang began the process of architecting an iGaming and sportsbook enterprise solution specifically designed for the U.S. believing that there was a significant void in the marketplace.

“As a large casino operator, we typically partnered with the most successful companies in the world but had very limited viable options in sports betting and what struck me as an opportunity was the fact that the majority of my peers who ran large casino operations felt exactly the same way,” said Wang. “The U.S. market is very complex with various nuanced regulatory requirements and consumer needs. I felt the only way to be successful was to build it the proper way and invest significantly in the technology and not try to take any shortcuts when staffing. Our entire team from our management to every engineer is based in North America and solely focused on U.S. sports betting.”

Want to know more about Wang’s efforts in bringing U.S.-based companies such as Bet.Works into play in the U.S. sports betting market? So did we, and we were fortunate enough that he took some time to answer a few questions for USBettingReport.com.  Below are his responses:

Can you tell me about Bet.Works’ cutting-edge enterprise sports betting platform and how it plans to fill the void that exists in the U.S. marketplace today?

Wang: What we are seeing in the sports betting market in the U.S. today is an amalgamation of different European technologies being cobbled together to provide service to very small markets in isolation without a truly scalable technical set up. Bet.Works was conceived to tap into the existing U.S. framework with a hyper-flexible enterprise solution that allows for multi-jurisdictional deployments with unlimited brands. Our systems are designed to take advantage of the existing U.S. networks and casino management systems, thus allowing Bet.Works to service operators both large and small.

What partnerships came about for BET.WORKS in 2018, and what do you predict or anticipate 2019 holding in terms of future partnerships in the U.S. sports betting market?

Wang: Bet.Works recently announced that theScore has become an exclusive nationwide client. This is a partnership we are very excited about as theScore is one of the largest sports apps in America and the first media company to enter the U.S. sports betting space. theScore has extremely high quality standards and wants only the very best product for their customers, which we are thrilled to be delivering. We will be announcing additional tier one clients in the coming months.

What is BET.WORKS doing in preparation for more jurisdictions anticipating adding online, mobile wagering to their states?

Wang: We have followed these developments for a number of years and have been working closely with industry leaders like GLI to ensure that we meet or exceed all technical requirements for security and operations. Our goal from day one has been to focus on the U.S. and the very specific requirements of U.S. regulators. We provide a full omni-channel service offering including retail, online and mobile which enables our partners to excel in various regulatory landscapes.

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