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TruPlay CEO: “Play-by-play will become a significant part of sports gambling”


In September this year, SBC Webinars put together a panel of experts that discussed the many opportunities that exist around in-play betting, especially in regards to broadcasting and sports data. One of the panelists was Adrenaline’s Casey Huke who recently launched TruPlay (read that press release here).

TruPlay is all about the play-by-play betting experience so we decided to reach out to Casey to get his take on the in-play betting market today and learn more about what the plans are for his new company. We spoke about business partnerships with the major leagues – not just with major organizations but with individuals too – and big data.

About Casey Huke

Casey Huke has been a CEO in the sports technology industry since 2011. Under his leadership, his companies have been at the technological and intellectual property forefront of sports data and sports betting.

Casey’s previous company, The Edge Systems, developed enterprise, analytical software for clients in the NFL and major college football, as well as Football Genius, the first real-time, every-play, wagering mobile app available in the Apple App Store.

In a few sentences, what is TruePlay and what are the UPSs of your patented play-by-play odds engine?

Huke. TruPlay creates precision odds for NFL Play-By-Play markets. Our goal is to allow NFL fans the ability to bet on discrete outcomes within the game.

On every play, we generate markets on things like run or pass, complete or incomplete, touchdown, sack, and many others. We have real coaches tracking 200 data elements on every NFL play and have a decade of experience dealing with NFL data analysis.

We also have over 300 issued patents and filed inventions with the USPTO. This gives us an incredibly broad intellectual property portfolio that provides protection to our clients. If a sportsbook licenses a non-patented product from someone else, the sportsbook runs the possible risk of induced infringement. Our clients do not face that risk.

Your play-to-play technology is said to provide the best odds in the market? How so? Can you explain how you make use of AI and machine learning when creating odds? 

Huke. BMM Testlabs verified our accuracy model so we feel very comfortable saying that our odds are best in class. Our model has been 95% accurate through the first six weeks of the NFL season.

Our AI/ML process includes unique data derived from our team of actual coaches tracking data on every play in each NFL game. Our database also holds every play in every game going back to 1993.

Our background was in building data analytics software for NFL and major college football teams, so we have been dealing with football data for a decade. We have been able to harness this in-depth football knowledge to create very precise odds.

What is the difference between the technology behind TruPlay and Football Genius?

Huke. Football Genius was a free-to-play app on the Apple App Store that helped us understand real-time data game flow. While we created odds and markets for Football Genius it utilized a much less sophisticated process.

TruPlay is an AI/ML process that is the result of all of everything we learned with Football Genius. By utilizing our unique data sets TruPlay is far more accurate than the odds we previously had for Football Genius.

What role did Bill Parcells, Sean Payton, and Brett Favre play in the development of TruePlay?

We have been fortunate not just to work with Bill, Sean, and Brett but also with many other people involved at the highest levels of the NFL. This wealth of football expertise has helped steer everything from the data we collect, to some of the heuristics we created to help build out our AI/ML process. Their investments were also key in getting us off the ground.

What are the biggest challenges of in-play betting and what do operators do in order to provide a great live betting experience?

Huke. The biggest issue is TV latency. The fact that gambling has to happen in real-time while the broadcast could be as much as five minutes behind can make for a less than optimal experience.

To counter this TV latency, the UX/UI should make it easy for a bettor to follow the game without TV. So counterintuitively it shouldn’t be a second screen experience initially. As long as bettors can understand their place in the real game, we found that they are willing to make a bet on 90% of the plays in an NFL game.

We believe in-stadium will offer the best initial experience. With the 5G rollout, data latency issues in the stadium should cease being a problem. It should also inspire NFL owners to rally in-game bettors as a way to get people in the seats which continues to be a problem for them.

Play-by-play betting is instant gratification. I think in the long run it will be impossible NOT to bet on it being a significant part of the sports gaming landscape.

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