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SharpRank CEO: “We’re the first and only ratings agency for sports bettors”

This week we spoke with SharpRank’s CEO and Founder, Christopher Adams. SharpRank is an independent performance rating agency that recently partnered with SI which now utilizes ShapRanks’s own ranking algorithm to validate picks and keep track of performance.

We asked Christopher about SharpRank’s recent media partnerships, about the challenges they solve for with their ranking technology, and how he sees the US sports betting industry evolve from where we are today.

What is SharpRank? 

Adams. SharpRank is an independent ratings platform for the sports betting industry. Sports betting experts, fans, and the general public leverage our industry standard, proprietary cross-sport and ever evolving ranking algorithm to better understand and build trust in the sports betting information and picks market.

SharpRank is built on integrity and transparency making it the only trusted name for third-party ratings, metrics, data science, advanced research, and analysis in the sports betting industry. 

When looking for oversight, a third party such as Morningstar, or CARFAX are the agencies the public trusts and visits for objective third-party validation. Every industry has our equivalent but we’re the first and only ratings agency for sports bettors.

What are you seeing as the fundamental problem in the sports betting industry? 

Adams. We see a lack of transparency combined with ongoing accountability as the largest problem in the sports betting industry. Sports betting experts and pundits don’t need to qualify their picks. There is no industry standard letting the public know if a picker or pundit is actually good at what they’re selling.

Every industry has a SharpRank equivalent. There is not a single industry that operates without a level of independent oversight – it’s necessary. We serve as that third party market validation in the sports betting world to both the general public looking for credible sources of information and the expert (“Sharp”).

In a market growing as fast as sports betting, it’s vital for all bettors to make the best decisions with the best information available. SharpRank is committed to setting the standard on innovation and transparency.

What makes SharpRank different from other ranking systems out in the market? 

Adams. Aside from being wholly independent and unaffiliated with a holding company (ex. financial institution rating investments “independently”), SharpRank’s rankings are cross-sport and proprietary. The ratings agency aspect offers bettors and fans easily digestible data, proprietary metrics, and our industry-standard ranking algorithm. 

Unlike other platforms, SharpRank takes a comprehensive approach when identifying and engineering our proprietary metrics. Aside from measuring against their peers, our partners leverage these metrics to aid in their customer retention and acquisition goals, creating loyalty and trust with their consumers while utilizing unique and individualized strategy funnels.

What is the process for how the pickers and pundits are ranked? 

Adams. Most of our Sharps, including those with our partners such as USA Today, Sports Illustrated, or Champion Gaming, input their picks themselves week over week. Picks are logged and entered prior to kickoff. The entering of picks also includes personalities on popular TV shows (think College GameDay) or podcasts. 

It is important to know that Sharps are ranked against each other by bet type and sport. If you are looking for the best NFL experts, they will only be ranked against their NFL picks. If an expert does well picking the NFL but isn’t as strong with the Premier League, it isn’t an aggregate score. They won’t be ranked lower on the NFL lists, but will be ranked accordingly on the Premier League lists.

What has been the reception thus far from media companies, pickers, and pundits? Any surprising feedback? 

Adams. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Our partners like Sports Illustrated, Champion Gaming, and Gannett (USA Today/Sportsbook Wire) love the platform to show how exceptional their voices are and provide validation to their individual audiences. We’re excited to announce more media partnerships in 2022. 

The response has been strong, so much so that we’ve continued to rapidly enhance and evolve the product. For instance, the demand for tailored product offerings has spurred us to expand our in-house talent faster than we anticipated. 

The pickers and pundits are also receptive. It may seem odd that oversight would have a positive reaction from pickers and pundits. However, they appreciate the value a SharpRank score adds to their credibility and the daily accountability to ensure they provide the best picks possible to continue building their businesses.

What’s next for SharpRank?

Adams. In addition to our initial consumer facing offering, SharpRank is rapidly expanding our partnerships with corporate media channels, sportsbooks, and other industry related stakeholders. Our maturation in the B2B area has been rapid and is a natural evolution and roadmap towards future growth.

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