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Indianapolis Colts – Next Game and Odds

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Next game for the Colts:

: Sep 27 @ 3:54am

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About The Indianapolis Colts

Originally named The Baltimore Colts, The Indianapolis Colts were founded in 1953 in Baltimore were the team played until 1984 when, after struggling with poor performance, the team moved its base to Indianapolis.

For 24 seasons, the Colts played at the RCA Dome, which was later replaced by the more modern Lucas Oil Stadium. This stadium has seven levels, a retractable roof and has been the home playing field for the Indianapolis Colts since 2008.

Lucas Oil Stadium
Lucas Oil Stadium: home of the Colts

Currently, Chris Ballard is the general manager for the Colts. His previous stints were varied and wide – he served as a scout for the Chicago Bears, was associated with the Kansas City Chiefs as Director of football operations, and held different coaching positions at Kingsville.

The Baltimore Colts adopted this name because of the city’s association with racing and horse breeding. This formation, however, was the team’s second attempt at becoming an NFL member. The franchise had initially failed in its attempt after the 1950 season. Bert Bell, the then NFL commissioner gave Baltimore another chance to revive the Colts. In six weeks, Baltimore had to sell 15,000 season tickets and it came out with flying colors. The rejuvenated Baltimore Colts then became a reality in 1953.

Weeb Ewbank became the Colts first head coach and the next two decades saw the Colts become invincible. The team found a sensational quarterback in Johnny Unitas and with the support of strong players such as Raymond Berry, Jim Parker, Artie Donovan, Lenny Moore, and Marchetti, the Colts soared high.

Jack Doyle for the Colts

Team Success

The Colts took on the New York Giants in 1958 and won. Under Don Shula, who took over from Ewbank, the Colts won the NFL Western conference championships in 1964 and then again in 1968. Though Shula shifted to Miami, the Colts went on to win Super Bowl V.

In 1998, quarterback Peyton Manning ensured that under his leadership the Colts became a team to reckon with in the NFL. Manning, coach Dungy, and general manager Bill Polian were the chief architects of the team’s success in the 2000s. For nine straight seasons, the Colts made it to the playoffs and had a series of wins during the period 2003-2009.

The Indianapolis Colts
The Indianapolis Colts

Famous Players

Peyton Manning

An all-time great quarterback, Manning spent 14 of his 18 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and the remaining four with the Denver Broncos. He has many NFL records to his name.

Johnny Unitas

With nicknames like ‘Golden Arm’ and ‘Johnny U’, Unitas was a great NFL player and a popular one at that. His NFL record for the most number of ‘consecutive games’ was held for 52 years before being broken.

Marvin Harrison

Harrison, a famous wide receiver in the NFL league stayed with the Colts for all of his 13 seasons. He played alongside Manning in many games and distinguished himself.