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Washington and South Dakota Launch for NFL Week 1 Sports Betting

Washington and South Dakota Launch for NFL Week 1 Sports Betting

The NFL season began on Thursday night when the Buccaneers hosted the Cowboys at Raymond James Stadium, a game that ended with a winning drive led by Tom Brady.

Arizona’s sports betting launch coincided with the NFL kickoff and the state-dominated industry news throughout the week. Although, Washington, South Dakota, and Wyoming also launched sports betting on Thursday, adding three more states to the list of legal jurisdictions.

Both states have limited sports betting opportunities, but it’s better than nothing for bettors looking to get involved in the NFL season. The limited markets allowed Washington and South Dakota to maneuver through regulatory processes to go live quickly.

South Dakota sports betting

On Wednesday, state gambling regulators approved South Dakota sports betting in the city of Deadwood. The group approved retail sports betting in the area, so this market is very limited as Deadwood is located in the western portion of the state.

The sportsbooks are located at the casinos in Deadwood, and bettors have the option to use windows, kiosks, or wager from their mobile devices. South Dakota partnered with GeoComply to enforce the Deadwood boundary for legal wagering.

Because of GeoComply, players outside of Deadwood will not have the opportunity to legally bet in the state. Another restriction for South Dakota is that there is a ban on betting in-state college programs.

This means bettors cannot wager South Dakota State or the University of South Dakota. There are no professional sports teams in the state as well, so hometown betting is not an option. BetMGM is the premier sports betting operator in the state.

The operators partnered with Liv Hospitality’s Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort and Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort. BetMGM will launch its mobile app within the city.

Washington sports betting

There was one sportsbook available in Washington for the NFL opener. The Snoqualmie Casino opened its sportsbook on Thursday morning to take bets. The Snoqualmie Casino is the first sportsbook in the state, but this will not last long.

The United States Department of the Interior approved nine in-state tribes for sports betting, and there are seven applications still pending. Even though Washington will only accept retail bets, it will still be a large market because of the enthusiasm amongst the tribes.

Stanford Le told, the Snoqualmie Casino CEO, spoke to the Seattle Times about the significance of being the first sportsbook in Washington.

“The timing was just right, the fervor for football season. This is making history. So having a natural time frame, the kickoff of the NFL season, and the kickoff of our sportsbook and being the first in Washington all just made a lot of sense.”

– Stanford Le, Snoqualmie Casino CEO

There are six betting kiosks around the casino, and there are four betting windows if people want personalized attention. The Snoqualmie Casino does not plan on offering mobile wagering around the facility until the geofencing technology is installed in the area.

The casino was bustling on Thursday, which is a positive sign for sports betting in the state, with the industry set to expand.

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