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The NBA 2022-23 regular season recently came to a close, and while it’s been an easier ride for some fans, it’s been quite stressful for others.

So, we wanted to find out which supporters felt the real effects of their teams’ performances. To find this out, we have created an index consisting of several differently weighted metrics to really dive into which NBA teams have given their fans a rough ride.

Is it the fanbases you expect, or are there some real shocks? Read on to find out — and see where your favorite team sits on our dedicated stress scale!

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5 Most Stressed NBA Fanbases Revealed

We conducted research to find out which NBA teams had experienced the most stress while following the NBA regular season. Ranking them by index, the results are in…

Dallas Mavericks

With the highest stress index score, at 60.1 out of 100, it appears Dallas Mavericks fans were likely the most stressed of all this past NBA season, taking the top spot overall — which isn’t something to be proud of.

The Mavericks experienced a whopping 20 close wins/losses over the regular season, which is bound to bring real stress for fans. While not the worst in the league, the team also recorded 44 total losses overall, which is never easy to deal with.

And sadly, the Mavericks also lost 42.6% of the games they were favorites to win on at legal sportsbooks (the sixth worst result in the league).

But in other more positive news…

Conversations regarding the Mavericks were the second least negative on social media though, despite fans stressing over their position at the end of the season. Diving into Twitter and Reddit posts, only 9.63% of all discussions were deemed negative.

It’s great to see that although these fans have potentially faced the most stress, they’re not turning to social media to spread negative feelings.

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Atlanta Hawks

In second place were Atlanta Hawks fans with an index score of 55.5.

The loyal fans of the Hawks had to see their team lose 39.6% of games that they were favored to win at BetMGM Sportsbook, on top of 41 total losses during the season.

Additionally, fans had some nail-biting moments with 17 close wins/losses, as well as six games going into overtime.

Taking a dive into opponent steals per game, opponent turnovers per game and total games missed through injury, we can see these factors saved the Hawks from coming in first place. While they were in the middle of the pack for steals (7.5) and turnovers (14.2), when it comes to injuries, the Hawks missed the third fewest games (101).

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Utah Jazz

Utah Jazz supporters are next, finishing in third place on our most stressed fanbase list, with an index score of 54.2.

One of the biggest factors for placing high on the list was their poor form when named as the favorite. Utah lost 48.6% of games when picked to win, the second worst in the NBA for 2022-23 — only the Orlando Magic (52.9%) had a worse record.

In fact, Utah’s losses (after being favored) were actually much higher than those above them on the stress meter, including Atlanta (39.6%) and Dallas Mavericks (42.6%).

Further adding to this stress was the Jazz’s 18 near wins/losses this past season — eight of which were close losses. Only the Dallas Mavericks (22) and the Miami Heat (20) had more close wins/losses… a pair who both appear in this top 5.

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Minnesota Timberwolves

In fourth place came fans of the mighty Minnesota Timberwolves (53.8). Timberwolves’ supporters might be lower down on the stress scale than the likes of the Mavericks, but Minnesota lost 46.1% of games it was favored to win — the fourth worst performance in the league.

Additionally, similar to the rest of the top 5, the Timberwolves also experienced some close games, 13 to be exact. Securing six close wins and dealing with seven close losses, the season was a mixed bag — all of which added to stress levels.

However, going into the data, it was opponent steals per game which bumped the Timberwolves into fourth position. Over the course of the season, their opponents stole the ball on average 8.2 times per game, the second highest figure in the league — only the Houston Rockets were worse, and they lost 60 games.

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Miami Heat

Rounding off the top 5 list we have the Miami Heat with a stress index score of 53.5.

It’s clear to see which factor pushed the Miami Heat into the top five, and that’s close wins and losses. The Heat experienced 22 close wins/losses, 14 of which went their way.

Additionally, they had one of the worst opponent turnover rates in the NBA, averaging 15.7 per game (the third worst), tied with Cleveland.

What’s surprising, though, is how positive fans were out of the top 5 most stressed fanbases, considering they missed a startling 276 total games through injury. It seems Miami supporters got knocked down, but got back up again to support their team, as negative social media conversations were very limited (8.62% of online discussion was deemed negative).


This ranking shows the NBA’s most stressful teams of the 2022-23 regular season. To create the ranking, USBettingReport.com considered several different metrics. These were:

Weight = 20

  • Close wins/losses: Games won or lost with a margin of three points or less.
  • Number of games in overtime: The number of games which went into overtime.
  • Losses as favorites: Games lost when the betting favorite.

Weight = 15

  • Losses: Total losses during the regular season.

Weight = 10

  • Negative comment percentage: The percentage of negative comments on Twitter and Reddit about the team between the Oct. 18, 2022 and April 9, 2023.

Weight = 5

  • Opponent steals per game: The average number of steals from the opposition team.
  • Opponent turnovers per game: The average number of turnovers from the opposition team.
  • Games missed through injuries: Total games missed by players through injury during the season.

To create the index, the above metrics were considered — some of which were weighted higher than others. For example, losing a game closely was deemed more stressful than turnovers per game.

The final score was then given out of 100. And the higher the number, the more stressed the fanbase was over the regular season.

  • Sources: TeamRankings.com; BasketballReference.com

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