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Best College Football Betting Promos For Week 2: Over $2K on Any Saturday Game

Use strictly legal college football betting promos to bet on Alabama vs. Texas tonight.

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING

Key Takeaways:

  • These are the 7 best college football betting promos for Week 2 from legal online sportsbooks. The list was selected by our staff of sports betting experts.
  • College football betting sites offer promos, which act as sign up offers. When you sign up, you will automatically see money in your sportsbook bankroll between $200 to $1,000, with deposit requirements as low as $10.
  • You can combine all of these college football betting sites offers and use them to bet on any Week 2 game, including Alabama vs. Texas, Michigan football, Ohio State, and more.

College football is finally back and while the old tradition is as simple as rooting for your favorite school, sports betting has taken the sport by storm. And if you’re looking to bet on the stacked Week 2 slate, our sports betting experts built this list of the best college football betting promos.

With so many games to choose from during Week 2, including Alabama vs. Texas on Satuday night, these college football betting sites give you up to $2,000 in your bankroll with deposit requirements as low as $10.

Our staff of sports betting experts diligently researched the best college football promos from online sportsbooks. Don’t worry, we only feature offers that are 100% legal and regulated. So, rest assured these offers are legit and your money is safe and secure.

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING

Best College Football Betting Promos For Week 2

After looking through every college football betting sites offers, our experts ranked these 7 legal sports betting apps as the best college football betting promos for Week 2.

1️⃣ BetMGM College Football Promo Code USBETTING➤ $1,500 First Bet Offer
2️⃣ Caesars College Football Promo Code USBETTINGGET➤ Bet $50, Get $250
3️⃣ DraftKings College Football Promo Code➤  Bet $5, Get $200 Win Or Lose
4️⃣ FanDuel College Football Promo Code➤ Bet $5, Get $200 + Sunday Ticket Offer
5️⃣ Bet365 College Football Promo Code$200 in Bonus Bets

While you can use all of the offers featured above to bet on college football, you have the freedom to bet on any sport including NFL betting.

Top 5 College Football Betting Promos For Week 2

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars - Promo Code: USBETTING1000
Bet $10, Get $200 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: STATESFB200
Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets Instantly
Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets
Up To $250 Back In Bonus Bets
2nd Chance Bet Up To $250 - Promo Code: SPORTS
Try the Unique Features Available from Pointsbet, Including Pointsbetting

Now that you know how college football betting promos work and which offers made our list, below I worked with our experts to explain how each unique bonus works. Remember, each promotion is different and these US betting sites are all competing for your business.

However, instead of choosing one, you can combine all 7 offers to get $2,000 in bonuses at these college football betting sites. To claim all of the promos above, you must be 21 or older and present in one of the many states where sports betting is legal. Signing up for these offers takes less than 5 minutes, meaning it takes around 30 minutes to claim each promotion.

Here’s everything you need to know about each college football betting promo:

1. BetMGM College Football Betting Promo For Week 2

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING
betmgm sportsbook logo

Why is BetMGM Sportsbook our top-ranked college football betting promo? Our experts credit its industry-best college football betting odds and rewards program as the reason users stick with BetMGM. However, it’s the legacy of trust from MGM’s presence in sports betting that stretches back to when the MGM Grand Resort opened in Las Vegas in 1973. The BetMGM CFB betting promo is a $1,500 first bet offer that can be claimed with the BetMGM bonus code USBETTING. If your first bet loses, you get your entire wager reimbursed as bonus bets, plus regular bonus offers.

🔥Promo Code: USBETTING

💰Bonus Value: $1,500

📝Promo Details: First Bet Offer up to $1,500. First bet is fully reimbursed as bonus bets if it loses.

2. Caesars College Football Betting Promo For Week 2

Largest Welcome Bonus On The Market
Weekly Promotions
Attentive Customer Support

$1,000 First Bet on Caesars - Promo Code: USBETTING1000
Caesars Sportsbook logo

Caesars Sportsbook is giving you $250 for betting $50 on any college football Week 2 game. Caesars is the king of college football betting odds, covering teams, individual games, and the overall season. New users like you can benefit from the Caesars Sportsbook promo code USBETTINGGET, which grants $250 in bonus bets upon signing up and placing an initial wager of $50 or higher. The Caesars betting application consistently releases college football lines ahead of schedule, frequently offering same-game parlay choices and profit/odds boosts as high as 100%.


💰Bonus Value: $250 in bonus bets

📝Promo Details: Bets will be split into five $50 credits. First credit will be awarded when your $50 wager settles. The next four will hit your account once a week over the next four Mondays.

3. DraftKings College Football Betting Promo For Week 2

Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets
Favorite NFL Team Option
Same-Game Parlays on all Sports

Bet $5, Get $200 in Bonus Bets Instantly
DraftKings Sportsbook logo

The DraftKings Sportsbook promo code comes from a leading destination for college football betting in the USA. With a wide range of CFB betting bonuses, contests, and promotions, DraftKings offers an exceptional user experience. Our exclusive DraftKings promo code requires you to place a $5 wager and, win or lose, gives you $200 in bonus bets. There’s no catch. The DraftKings betting app provides a wealth of college football wagering options, catering to both novice and seasoned bettors.


💰Bonus Value: $200

📝Promo Details: Bet $5 and get $200 in bonus bets, win or lose. The $200 will be split into eight $25 credits.

4. FanDuel College Football Betting Promo For Week 2

Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets
NFL Odds Boosts
Superb Mobile Apps

Bet $5, Get $150 in Bonus Bets

FanDuel Sportsbook is a user-friendly choice for college football betting. With our FanDuel promo code, you get $200 in bonus bets, win or lose, plus a $100 NFL Sunday Ticket discount. The only requirement is placing a $5 wager on any sport. Seriously, there’s no catch. Enjoy the interactive live betting platform that allows you to simultaneously bet and live stream college football’s Week 2 schedule. You can place Same Game Parlays, prop bets, and everything in between, making FanDuel a top-notch college football betting sportsbook.


💰Bonus Value: $200 in bonus bets plus $100 off an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription

📝Promo Details: Bonus bets must be used within 7 days. Your bonus bets don’t have to be used all at once and can be split across multiple wagers.

5. Bet365 College Football Betting Promo For Week 2

The biggest Sportsbook in the World
Bet $5 and Get $150 in Bonus Bets
First Bet Safety Net up to $2,000

First Bet Safety Net up to $2,000
bet365 sportsbook logo

The bet365 brand is more popular in Europe than any American sportsbook on the mainland. Now, bet365 is ramping up its presence in the States with the bet365 college football betting promo that gives you $200 in bonus bets when you bet $1 on any game. Don’t wipe your glasses; you read that right. The bet365 bonus code gives you 200x your bet and you get the bonus regardless of if your first bet wins or loses. That’s simply too good of an offer to not include on our list.


💰Bonus Value: $200

📝Promo Details: When you sign up via the link above and deposit at least $10, then place a single bet of $1 on any sport, you get $200 in bonus bets added to your bankroll, win or lose.

College Football Betting Promotions Explained

With legal sports betting still being new to so many, understanding how these betting promos work can be confusing. Keep in mind, all of these offers come from operators who are ambassadors of responsible gaming. So, these offers are not only legitimate, they’re safe and secure.

Before you bet on college football with our bonuses, here’s an explanation of each promotion type and how they work:

🏈College Football Betting Promos🤔What It Means
🎁First Bet OfferPlace your first bet up to a certain amount. If you lose, you get your full wager as bet credits or bonus bets.
💰Bet & GetBet the required amount as specified by the sportsbook (usually $10) and receive the designated amount as bonus bets.
✌️Second Chance BetsSimilar to a First Bet Offer with a different name. However, they are often offered in multiples following registration with a smaller max bet at $25-50 per.
🆓No Deposit BonusYou get bonus bets without needing to deposit. If you can find one in 2023, they’re likely not from a regulated, legal online sportsbook.

To make the most out of college football promo code offers and learn about the best CFB bets this season, just follow the tips below in our guide.

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING

Latest College Football Week 2 Schedule And Odds

Finally, once you signed up with our promos and figured out how college football betting works, you can decide which games to bet on.

The Week 2 college football schedule is highlighted by Alabama vs. Texas on Saturday, September 9th.

Here are the best games to bet on the schedule for Week 2 of the 2023 college football season:

Saturday, September 9th

  • 12:00 PM: No. 22 Colorado (-3, 56.5) vs. Nebraska
  • 3:30 PM: No. 20 Ole Miss (-8.5, 65) at No. 24 Tulane
  • 3:30 PM: UNLV at No. 2 Michigan (-38, 57.5)
  • 7:00 PM: No. 11 Texas at No. 3 Alabama (-7, 53.5)

College Football Betting Types for Week 2

Of course, there are far more college football betting types than betting promos.

From parlays to props, you can bet on Week 2 in a million different ways. Want to bet on a single college football game? Just the performance of a specific player? Or the outcome of the 2023 season? Well, the good news is that with the offers featured on our list, you can bet on all of the above.

Below, I break down every way to bet on college football.

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING

College Football Week 2 Moneyline Bets

In college football, a moneyline bet is the most common bet wager because it’s the most simple. All you do is pick the winning team. It’s like saying, “I think this team will win.” The numbers are set up based on a $100 bet, but you can bet more or less if you want. If the number is positive, that’s how much you could win with a $100 bet. For example, if a team has +1200 odds and you bet $100, you could get $1200 back. If the number is negative, that’s how much you need to bet to win $100. So, if a team is at -600, you’d have to bet $600 to win $100.

College Football Week 2 Spread Bets

In college football, spread betting is when you pick a team to either win by a certain number of points or lose by fewer points than what the sportsbook predicts. The favored team is shown with a minus sign, while the underdog has a plus sign. For instance, if LSU is at -7.5, they need to win by at least 8 points for your bet to succeed. On the other hand, if Kansas is at +10.5, they must lose by 10 points or less, or win the game outright, for your bet to cash.

College Football Week 2 Over/Under Bets

Over/under bets in college football, also known as totals, let you bet without picking a winning team. With these bets, you’re predicting whether the total points scored in a game will be more or less than a number set by the sportsbook. For instance, if the total is set at 48.5, and the final score is Maryland (28) vs. Indiana (24), someone who bet on the over would win because the total points (28 + 24 = 52) exceed 48.5.

College Football Week 2 Prop Bets

Prop bets in college football involve betting on specific player performances and other side wagers that aren’t about the game’s result. For instance, you might bet on who scores the first touchdown or whether J.J. McCarthy will throw for more or less than 250 yards. Props are a simple starting point for new bettors.

College Football Week 2 Parlay Bets

Parlay bets in college football give you the highest payout multiplier. Meaning, the chance to win the most money. Parlays are defined as combining multiple wagers to create higher odds. The more individual bets (called “legs”) you add to a parlay, the greater your potential payout becomes. However, if even one leg doesn’t win, the entire parlay is lost. Parlays can include anywhere from 2 to 20 legs, offering a range from moderate risk to very high risk.

College Football Week 2 Futures Bets

A college football futures bet is when you place a wager on an upcoming event, like the next season’s SEC champion, the College Football Playoff winner, or the Heisman Trophy recipient. Betting well ahead of time gives you better odds, but there’s also the chance of unexpected problems like injuries affecting your predictions.

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING

College Football Betting FAQs

What is the best College Football betting promo for Week 2?

The best college football promo codes for Week 2 are those found at the best college football betting sites—which in all cases are legal and licensed in the United States. Finding the best betting promos for college football depends on the individual user, and what they’re looking for out of a promo code deal. But in general, they’re the offers made by top U.S. sportsbooks like those mentioned above.

Are college football betting sites legal?

Yes, college football betting sites are legal if they’re hosted by a regulated online sportsbook. The list on this page includes strictly legal and regulated desktop sites or mobile betting apps that offer odds on college football, in addition to perks like CFB betting promos and bonuses. In the United States, only those college football betting sites that are legally operating in your state are OK to bet with, so watch out for illegal offshore sites.

Is it legal to bet on college football online?

Absolutely, as of 2023, it’s permissible to bet on college football through online platforms. If sports betting is legal in your state and you meet the required minimum age (typically 21), you’re eligible to start placing bets. The blanket prohibition on sports betting was lifted by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2018, and since then, most states in the U.S. have legalized some form of sports betting. Among these states, the majority also allow online betting, encompassing college football as well.

What are the latest college football betting trends?

Georgia might be the strong favorite at +215 to win another college football national championship, but no team has clinched three consecutive titles since Minnesota in the 1930s. A popular option for those looking for better odds at +800 is Michigan. They have many returning players and have made it to the College Football Playoff in the last two seasons.

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets
Competitive odds
Attentive customer support

Bet $5, Get $158 in Bonus Bets Instantly - Bonus Code: USBETTING

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