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5 Quick Sports Betting Tips for 2021

The US sports scene has grown exponentially and there are now many available options for the US bettors. Sports betting rules are becoming more relaxed in many states and if you know your US sports and teams very well, there are lots of exciting and lucrative betting opportunities. 

That said, a good number of sports bettors complain of a higher number of failing bets than winning bets. Amateur bettors are surprised to hear that getting good at betting depends more on working at it than sheer luck – which is true.

Thankfully, the US sports betting market is a good place for new bettors to start thanks to the wide range of sports and games available. There are enthusiastic fans and communities willing to share tips, and you can find more tips and betting sites like SBO

Here are some tips that can help you as an amateur bettor, or if you are consistently losing bets.

#1 Learn the Basics of Sports Betting 

You need to learn the foundation of betting to make sensible bets. For example betting odds and what is the difference between a 1X2, and 1×2 and OVER 2.5 bet? 

Decimal odds probability

Knowing the different ways of betting allows you to make the most out of your information: if you suspect that a dominant soccer team will win by a margin of more than two goals, which bet would be best, 1X2, Over 2.5, or a handicap-1?  Knowing which bet to place and in what circumstances can make a big difference in your wins.

#2 Research the US Sports Scene

Ideally, you should bet on your favorite sport and team because you have an advantage in information.  But you want to expand the variety of your bets, or are not very familiar with the US sports scene.  US sports are slightly different from Europe.  The five most popular sports are American Football, baseball, basketball, Ice hockey and soccer. 

Bet on soccer

College football is very popular and offers very exciting betting markets when the football season is on.  The performance of soccer teams is unpredictable and frequently offers value bets. Choose one or two sports and research deeply to make informative bets. You can even make bets on the Super Bowl.

#3 Pre-match Analysis 

Sometimes a big team will be on a losing streak. One common mistake in betting is to bet on a team on account of its reputation alone. There is more than a past reputation to a team’s wins. How has it performed in the last five games?  Is the team stronger at home or away?  How many of the team’s crucial players are injured? How has it performed in the past against the opponent team?  

Betting analysis

Good pre-match analysis will help you avoid a losing streak, and discover value bets in underdog teams. You should also see what other fans and expert punters are saying. Every sport has an active community online in fan sites and social media.  You will get valuable insights that you may have missed in your analysis. 

#4 Have a Bankroll Management Strategy 

You will win some and lose some bets, but a good money management plan ensures that your bankroll grows steadily, or at least you avoid a wipeout.  The first rule of good money management is that you shouldn’t bet more than you can afford to lose. That is, you should never bet money meant for more important purposes like rent or loan repayments. Your bankroll should come from your entertainment allowance. 

Mobile betting

Spread your money by wagering percentages according to your risk assessment of the bets. Bets that are very likely to win are often low, but you can stake more money on them than games with high odds. Many sportsbooks have multibet options. Do not be deceived in stacking many small odd bets to raise your odds. The likelihood of losing rises as you stack on more bets.  

Never chase money after losing a bet because you are more likely to lose again. The unfortunate fact is that you are more likely to place chasing bets after losing a substantial stake, which can make you lose even more. 

Keep records of your bets. This way, you can know if your bankroll is growing or diminishing. It will also tell you where your analysis is working or not. 

#5 Experiment with Different Sportsbooks 

More sportsbooks are coming to the US sports scene with the relaxation of US sports gambling restrictions. There are exciting incentives for both new and old members to keep away the competition.  Explore different offers in bonuses, jackpots, VIP programs and other incentives to make the most from your wins.


online betting

Being a good punter is an exciting journey in which you will develop more interest in your favorite sport and team while adding to your entertainment allowance. 

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