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Majority Doesn’t Always Rule When It Comes to Legal Sports Betting

Steve Bittenbender
A key tenet to democracy is that the majority rules, but when it comes to some highly charged issues, including the legalization of U.S. betting sites, that’s not always the case. That lesson played out in a couple of states this weekend, where the power of a few defeated public......
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U.S. Sports Betting: Where States Stand On Adding Wagering in 2023

Christopher Boan
With spring on the horizon, it’s time to turn attention to the progress being made by states that could add online sports betting through legislative sessions this year. Any state that adds sports betting in 2023 will join the more than 30 others (including Washington D.C.) that have some form......
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State Legislative Primer: Where Could Sports Betting Be Legalized in 2023?

Bill Ordine
In just about three-and-a-half years, more than 30 states in America have adopted some form of sports gambling. In many cases, the legalization of sports gambling has been for both live in-person sports gambling at traditional sportsbooks and for online sports betting on computers and mobile devices. At last count,......
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This Week In US Sports Betting January 29 To February 4

Joss Wood
Starting at the end of the week for a change, Super Bowl LIII turned out to be the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever. The Patriots inhumanely executed the Rams 13-3. Early reports suggest that viewing figures were particularly low. This isn’t how it was supposed to be. After state-legal sports......