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StatHero CEO: “The value our users get is unlike anything else on the market”


Have you heard of StatHero? If not read on – it’s one of the more interesting products in the growing DFS market.

This week, we had the privilege of asking StatHero CEO Jason Jaramillo a few quick questions about the app and what the fuss is all about.

When using StatHero you are simply playing against the StatHero, instead of other players. But, how does the StatHero work, and how does it pick its lineup?

Jason from StatHeroJaramillo. You nailed it!  StatHero’s approach takes away the intimidation of playing thousands of other players.  When you only face one opponent (StatHero), the playing field is both leveled and transparent. You’re not playing against sharks or gambling professionals hidden behind avatars and usernames, you’re just playing against the House.

StatHero will always announce its lineups ahead of time.  So, not only do you know who you’re playing against — you also know the lineup before you select your squad.  We’ve created an amazing algorithm that enables StatHero to pick its teams at random in every contest.

The game, which abides by the survival pool format,  will always follow the same rules as the users.  However, once a team or players are selected for play, StatHero cannot use them again.

We’re living in an unprecedented time with the Coronavirus affecting all sports in many different ways. Game postponements and players leaving bubbles are the new norms. What is StatHero doing to accommodate for that?

Jaramillo. The most important thing for StatHero is user experience.  That is our top priority.  As the sports world deals with COVID-19, StatHero does its best to be up-to-date on all lineup, rule, and schedule changes in real time.  In the event of postponements or boycotts, StatHero realizes some things are out of our users’ hands and ensures none of our users are punished with things out of their control.

Besides the initial 20% taken off the top, StatHero promises to give back all the rest of the money to the people in the contest. The more people lose each round then the more is given back. But, how many people on average make it through the first round?

Jaramillo. Just like a normal survivor contest, every round is different.  I have seen a variety of scenarios, from everyone beating StatHero in a given round, to StatHero beating all users and granting everyone a piece of the grand prize.  However, most of the time, whomever survives is unique to the particular contest.

The value that our users get out of our game is unlike anything else on the market

The instant gratification of getting paid every time you advance is something that’s never been seen before in a survivor pool.  Our patented payout structure, through which players can recoup your entry fee every time they survive is very attractive to our users.

It’s important to remember that our contests can run multiple days, allowing users to play those days on the same entry fee. Due to this unique gameplay that our users experience, they get back, on average, 2.5x what they put into the game. If you’re on a traditional DFS site, your entry fee only lasts one day. If you beat StatHero and remain in the pool, that one entry fee may last multiple rounds. The value that our users get out of our game is unlike anything else on the market.

StatHero makes it easier for those new to DFS to get some type of money back for their initial entry fee. The entire site really seems like it’s focused on the DFS beginners but could hardcore DFS players also enjoy using the platform?

Jaramillo. To be honest, I think both beginners and hardcore users enjoy StatHero. At the end of the day, DFS is about having fun and winning. And StatHero’s gameplay was created to offer more opportunities for users to actually win, which always enhances the fun.

We consciously created a simpler game to attract users that didn’t have the time or energy for a complex platform, or that were too intimidated by traditional DFS. But, I also know a lot of hardcore DFS users that are sick of losing — regardless of how well they do in a contest, they still don’t feel like a winner.  Current DFS contests are so top-heavy that unless you finish in the top 10 out of thousands, your ROI is minute.

The great news is that if a seasoned DFS user loves the format of traditional DFS, and is drawn to the tactile and nuanced elements of that style game, StatHero just launched a salary cap version that they’ll likely enjoy very much.

The site is offering contests for NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, and NASCAR. But, sports like the NHL are right in the thick of the playoffs. Does StatHero plan on offering additional sports in the future like the NHL, MLS, or even Esports?

Jaramillo. The sky’s the limit on our gameplay format.  However, like I said previously, a positive user experience is always the goal.  I want to ensure that every sport we have currently launched is firing on all cylinders before we send it into the market.

DFS can be more than just playing against sharks in a game stacked against you

At StatHero, we rigorously test, optimize, retest and rework our games in beta before they go live.  I think sometimes companies can make the mistake of attempting to grow too quickly and launch products that aren’t ready for primetime, which only depletes the user experience.  We are currently on schedule to launch NHL for the 2021 season, as well as NCAA FB and March Madness in the future!

StatHero is offered in 31 states. But, with what StatHero is offering there could be fans in all 50 states. What is StatHero doing to target those possible markets and the ones in which StatHero is already operating in?

Jaramillo. Great point!  In the current sports betting and DFS market, laws are constantly changing and StatHero is adapting to those changes.  More states are requiring licenses and the application process isn’t immediate, unfortunately.  Our goal is to be available in every state DFS is allowed.

Until we can be operational in every state that offers DFS, we’re going to spread our message to users that DFS can be more than just playing against sharks in a game stacked against you. StatHero is the game out there for the rest of us, who are looking to use our knowledge of our favorite teams and put a W on the board.

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