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About The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The NFL team that plays in Tampa, Florida are known as the Buccaneers. This American football team plays for the NFC South Division. The team got their start as an expansion team in 1976 alongside the Seattle Seahawks. The Buccaneers played every other team in the NFL during their first two years, as part of the NFL’s 1976 plan for expansion.

After that, the team became part of the NFC Central division. In 2002 the Buccaneers moved from the Central division to form the NFC South division along with three teams that were moved over from the NFC West division. The Glazer family owns the team, and all their games are played in Tampa, at the Raymond James Stadium.

The Buccaneers Helmet
The Buccaneers Helmet

Team Manager

General manager Jason Licht worked for the Arizona Cardinals, the Miami Dolphins, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Carolina Panthers, and the New England Patriots prior to joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the general manager in 2014.

Team History

In 1974 the Buccaneers were formed as the 27th team in the NFL and began their playing season in 1976. It was owned by a successful lawyer, Hugh Culverhouse, who appointed the head coaching position to John McKay. McKay had proven football success in the college arena with 16 years of experience and 4 national championships while coaching at the University of Southern California.

In their first season, the Buccaneers did not win a single game. They suffered from an excruciating 26-game losing streak which didn’t end until late in 1977, when they finally defeated the New Orleans Saints. Their second ever victory was against the St. Louis Cardinals in the last game of the season. They had a bad start but they performed better in the following season, despite some of their best players having injuries.

The Buccaneers getting ready for a game
The Buccaneers getting ready for a game

Team success

In 1982 the football season was shortened due to a strike in the NFL. Divisional championships were not awarded this season, but the Buccaneers won 5 of their 6 final games and made the playoffs. They later lost in the playoffs to the Dallas Cowboys.

After nine years of coaching the Buccaneers, McKay retired in 1984. The Buccaneers have had several notable coaches since McKay retired, including Tony Dungy, Ray Perkins, Liam Bennett, Richard Williamson, and Sam Wyche. The Buccaneers saw their first Super Bowl win at Super Bowl XXXVII under the lead of coach Jon Gruden.

The Buccaneers home arena
The Buccaneers home arena

Most Famous player

Ronde Barber

Ronde Barber joined the Buccaneers in the 1997 draft as the 66th overall choice in the third round. Barber had numerous honours in the NFL including being picked for All-Pro, Pro Bowls, and the All-Decade Team. Barber ranked number one in interceptions in 2001 and has achieved 40+ interceptions and 20+ quarterback sacks, also known as the 4020 club. Barber helped beat the Oakland Raiders to win Super Bowl XXXVII and no other player has passed his record for most consecutive starts by a defensive back. In 2014 Barber was inducted into the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame.