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: Oct 26 @ 6:29pm

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About New York Jets

The Jets are members of the AFC East Division and play in the NFL. The team’s home ground is at Florham Park, New Jersey. The team also shares a stadium with the New York Giants in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The New York Jets Manager

The head coach of the Jets is Adam Gase. As well as being head coach, Gase is the interim general manager for the team. He was appointed as an offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos between 2013-2014, and ultimately led them to reaching the Super Bowl XLVIII — thanks to a new points record in season 2013. The Miami Dolphins also had the privilege of having Gase as the head coach between 2016-2019.

History of the New York Jets

There are two main components to bear in mind when discussing the New York-Based American Football League franchise. These include the Titans and the Jets. In February 1963, the ownership of the franchise changed hands from Harry Wismer to a group of five businessmen led by David “Sonny” Werblin. There was a sigh of relief when Wismer, who was certified to run the New York-Based American Football League franchise 99, agreed to hand over the ownership to the owners, as he was consistently involved in numerous arguments on and off the field which was said to be damaging the team’s reputation.

Werblin’s group, called Titans, had seen a fair amount of success on the field. However, the team were not generating enough money which also led them to becoming bankrupt. This was the point where David Werblin and his team came in to buy the bankrupt franchise for $1 million. After the purchase, Werblin and his team renamed the Titans to the Jets, at the same time appointing Weeb Ewbank as the head coach of the newly named team.

Swiftly after this, New York Jets relocated to the stadium, away from the Polo Grounds, which saw a huge influx of new sports fans attending the matches, with the team hitting over 45,000 tickets sold when facing a Denver Broncos in the first game of the season in 1964.

Head coach Weeb Ewbank previously lead the Baltimore Colts to championship victory in the 1950’s. Ewbank was able to lead his team to many future successes, thanks to the signing of Joe Namath, the Alabama born quarterback, who was supposedly signed for $400,000. The signing of Joe Namath was said to be a huge catalyst which bore the division between the AFL, and NFL pro football, in the 1960s.

The New York Jets Success

A huge turning point for the New York Jets was during the 1968 season, which saw them winning the AFL East title, with a record of 11-3. This was undoubtedly thanks to the solid combination between head coach, Ewbank, and various star players such as Namath. In another momentous occasion, the Jets beat the Oakland Raiders 27 points – 23, and securing the AFL championship. The team also went on to shock football fans with a crucial 16-7 when playing against the Baltimore Colts in the Super Bowl III, in spite of all odds being against them.

The Jets seemed to reach their peak in 1969, winning the AFL East title once again. However, they were not able to maintain that amazing run for at least 12 seasons after this, and the downward fortune began with their loss against Kansas City in a first-round play-off match.

During the 80s and 90s New York Jets began to rebuild and retain more of the prominent leaders in the football league. The team was able to reach the play-offs in 1981, 1982, 1985, 1986, and 1991; and reached peaks in 82 and 86. In 92 they managed to propel themselves to the AFC championship match, however they ended up losing to Miami, to the tune of 14-0.

Although their successes may have fluctuated over the years, their fan base have proven to be fiercely loyal, with attendance always a record high, even during the low periods of the team.  Since the takeover from Whistler in 1964, the team has never fallen below the 54,000 level in terms of attendance. Their current stadium, the MetLife Stadium near Hudson River in New Jersey, has been consistently sold out for over 25 years.

After their amazing seasons over the years, head coach Ewbank, and star players Namath, Maynard, and Martin have all been placed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ewbank was awarded with this achievement in 1978, Namath in 1985, Maynard in 1987, and most recently Curtis Martin in 2012.

New York Jets star players

Joe Namath

Namath was able to make 220 interceptions, as well as making hundred and 73 touchdowns for the Jets. Including his career at the Jets, Oregon as well as his career with Jets, Namath also managed to weigh in one league championship, as well as secured himself a Super Bowl.

Curtis Martin

Curtis Martin is considered an American football agent, as well as a star player for the New York Jets. He joined the team in 1998 and played until 2007, when his career came to a devastating end due to a knee injury which occurred during the 2006 season.

Darrelle Revis

Darrelle is also considered a star player for the New York Jets, and was famed for his ability to stop the opposing team’s primary receiver with ease. At the peak of his career in 2010, Darrelle was considered one of the greatest quarterbacks in the league.