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: Sep 27 @ 3:45am

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About the New York Giants

Giants wins gameThe New York Giants are a popular American football team based in the New York metro area. The team is a distinct member of the East division of the National Football Conference and plays in the NFL as one of its member clubs. The MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey is the Giants’ home ground.

Interestingly, the Giants share their home ground with the New York Jets under a mutual agreement. Their summer training camp is held at the Quest Diagnostics Training Centre located in the Meadowlands Sports Complex.

MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford
MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford

Team Manager

David Alan Gettleman, the former General Manager of the Carolina Panthers, is currently working as the Giants’ General Manager. He is a well-known executive in the American football world.

Team History

The history of this franchise is entwined with that of the NFL itself. The New York Giants franchise was purchased by Tim Mara in 1925 for a total sum of $500. The Pro Football Hall of Fame later went on to invest another $25,000 in the franchise to keep it afloat. A member club from the largest city of the country provided NFL with the much-needed media coverage and league attendance.

This move proved to be very fruitful as a whopping 70,000 fans turned up to watch the New York Giants play against the Chicago Bears in the very first season. The Bears had also just signed Red Grange, the most famous American football player of the 20s.

Grange went on to form his own American Football League and introduced the Yankees against the New York Giants. The Giants won, albeit at a very hefty price.

The Giants were able to score their first NFL Championship in the 1927 season. This historic win was owed to the Steve Owen-led defense that allowed the Giants to put a shockingly low score of 20 points in 13 games on the scoreboard. Soon after, Owens was appointed as the Giants’ coach. Starting in 1930, Owens held office for a total of 23 seasons putting up an impressive, 153-108-17 record.

New York Giants Enter Field
The Giants enters the pitch

Team Success

The New York Giants won the NFL championship of 1956 and were also able to secure another 8 Eastern Championships from 1956 to 1963. This feat was achieved under the coaching of Jim Lee Howell, who served the club in the late 50s and then Allie Sherman who took over in the early 60s. Big names such as Frank Gifford, Y. A. Tittle, Roosevelt Brown, and Andy Robustelli were the leading players in this golden era of the franchise.

This was to be followed by a 22-year gap where the Giants didn’t take part in the competition. After their comeback in 1986, the New York Giants won the 1986, 1989, and 1990 NFC Eastern Division championships.

Famous Players

Lawrence Taylor

Regraded as one of the greatest in the American Pro Football history, Lawrence Taylor played for a total period of 13 years for the Giants, since his joining date in 1981. He is ranked as the greatest defensive player to have ever lived, in all of the American Football World.

Michael Strahan

Strahan rose the ranks of American Pro Football by setting a new record for the highest number of sacks in a season, in 2001. Strahan also helped the Giants claim victory at the Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots, in 2007. After retirement, Strahan went on to become a famous media personality. He was inducted in the American Pro Football Hall of Fame later in 2014.

Eli Manning

Eli Manning is considered one of the most successful Giants players in the team’s history. He holds the records for the most passing yards, the highest number of touchdown passed and the most completed passes in the franchise’s history.