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About the Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers, appropriately based in Green Bay, a city in the state of Wisconsin, is all set to complete 100 playing seasons in September 2019. Lambeau has been the home-playing field of the Packers since 1957. Incidentally, the third oldest franchise in professional football will kick off the current season by playing against its main adversary – the Chicago Bears.

Green Bay Packers Arena
Green Bay Packers fans

Team Manager

The Packers have had more than a dozen general managers since their inception in 1919, but only some of them are noteworthy. When the legendary Lombardi left in 1968, the Packers were going downhill, but Ron Wolf, who took over the reins in 1991, soon changed that. Ted Thompson was brought in in 2005 and took some bold decisions, achieving a healthy revival in 2007. Currently, Brian Willis Gutekunst is the general manager for the Packers.

Team History

Whitney Calhoun and Curly Lambeau founded the Green Bay Packers in 1919. Initially, they played matches against local teams in Michigan and the city of Wisconsin. Two years later, the team officially became members of the NFL and Lambeau became the head coach. With the help of Don Hutson, Lambeau revolutionized the game so successfully that the Packers had a dream run from 1929-1944.

When Lambeau quit in 1949, the Packers slumped and was revived by Vince Lombardi temporarily. Fortunes fluctuated with the Packers having good spells and unfortunate ones. Managers like Wolf and Thompson brought fame to the Packers and at the end of 2018, this small city franchise had 13 NFL championships to its credit.

Team Success

The Packers in 2018The Packers were a small city franchise that made it big. In 1925, the Packers played in the City Stadium that initially housed 6,000 but grew to 25,000. In 1957, a modern stadium was built to accommodate 32,150 fans. Lambeau Stadium, as it came to be known, was renovated and expanded again. Currently, it can house 81,441 fans and is considered the fifth largest stadium in the NFL.

Its on-field success is as spectacular as its off-field success. On winning the Super Bowl in 1996, the Packers sniffed the glory of its bygone years. It won the Super Bowl in 2010 and until the end of 2012 was the best team around. From 2012-2015, every single year, the Packers made it to the playoffs. The team has dominated the National Football League through three separate eras of supremacy.

Famous Players

Green Bay Packers Team Line-up
Green Bay Packers Team Line-up

Reggie White

Nicknamed the “Minister of Defense”, White, until recently, was the all-time sack leader with 198 career sacks. In his 15-year career, he earned many accolades and won recognition to NFL’s Decade Teams and, the 75th Anniversary Team.

Bart Starr

Starr starred in two Super Bowls, won the MVP award in 1966 and was included in the Football Hall of Fame and also the Packers Hall of Fame. He held the record for the most number of games played in 32 years, acquired the highest passer rating of 104.8 and retired when he attained an NFL career completion best.

Brett Favre

Favre played for Green Bay Packers as quarterback for 16 years and excelled in achieving quarterback wins. He was well ahead of others when it came to the number of passing touchdowns and passing yards.