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If you are a Lions fans you should bet on them to win this season. Here are details about their upcoming game and sports betting odds.

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: Sep 27 @ 2:24am

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About the Detroit Lions

From Michigan, the Detroit Lions play in the NFC, North division. Home stadium: the Ford Field stadium in Downtown Detroit.

The founder, George Richards, is regarded as one of the pioneers of professional football in Detroit. He bought the Lions (then called the Portsmouth Spartans and formed four years earlier) in 1934 for $8,000 and relocated it to Detroit to compete for that season. Prior to that, many people had tried to develop professional football in Detroit without success.

The Detroit LionsThe Detroit Lions are currently coached by Bob Queen who is also the current general manager. The team’s logo and uniform, consisting of silver pants with either blue or white jerseys plus a silver helmet, has remained the same it was formed in 1930. The only brief change was to a maroon uniform in 1948, which was introduced by a Bo McMillan, a former coach (who also managed at Indiana).

The Detroit Lion’s unique blue tint, which is credited to Cy Huston in 1935, is called the “Honolulu blue”, and is inspired by the crystal blue waves of the Hawaii beaches.

Major achievements

During the early years of its formation, Detroit Lions had some of the best players in the league, including Dutch Clark who went on to become a Hall of Fame member. In 1935 the Detroit Lions won the championship at the Detroit Stadium; and that home ground has continued to host opposing teams for more than 6 decades.

Significantly, it was the Detroit Lions who began the tradition of football games on Thanksgiving Day in 1934. The 1950’s stands out as perhaps the best for the Lions playing in the NFL as they won 4 divisional titles and 3 league championships during the decade.

The team also had in its rank some of the most rugged and slickest players in the league. Those star players included Bobby Lane, Bill Walker, Lou Creekmur and Jack Christianson; and they have all been incorporated into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Star players

Barry Sanders

Barry Sanders was a professional player for the Lions making his name as one of the quickest and most agile professional footballers in the history of the NFL. He was awarded multiple times with the best offensive player and other awards. In 2007 he was recognized as one of the top 10 players in the NFL history, who has never played in the Super Bowl. Barry Sanders is one of the fastest running quarterbacks in the history of professional football games.

Calvin Johnson

Colin Johnson played for the Lions since 2007 until 2016; and was awarded the all-American plaque at Georgia Tech.

Dick Lane

Dick Lane, also known as “Night Train”, was incorporated into the pro football Hall of Fame in 1974, having been recognized as one of the greatest football players in the history of the National football league. Dick Lane is well known for his tackles.