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DFS Platform StatHero Launches Rivals Sportsbook

Daily Fantasy Sports provider StatHero recently announced the launch of its Daily Fantasy Sportsbook. The name of the Daily Fantasy Sportsbooks is “Rivals,” and it is just the latest offering from StatHero that looks to change the DFS industry.

This new format will allow the customers to play against the house in a 1-on-1 format instead of competing with players from all over the country. Rivals will be the first true DFS game of skill on the market and should attract a large number of customers.

The structure of the new Rivals Sportsbook from StatHero has the look and feel of a traditional sportsbook, but the games will remain similar to DFS. No edits can be made to a lineup after it has been posted, and the customers will solely be trying to beat the lineup created by StatHero.

StatHero is currently available in 32 states, and the Rivals Daily Fantasy Sportsbook will be available in those markets immediately. StatHero has obtained a DFS license in states such as Florida, California, and Texas and will give residents of those states a chance to compete in games similar to sports betting.

There are three different ways that the new Rivals Sportsbook will change the traditional rules of DFS for its players. The first is that the user will determine the stakes, and then it is a winner-take-all type of format.

The second way that Rivals Sportsbook is different from traditional DFS sites is that a user will be able to see the lineup that StatHero creates before a contest begins. This is a huge advantage to the user, and it allows them to construct a lineup to attempt to beat the house.

The biggest advantage for players on the Rivals Sportsbook is that competing against professional Daily Fantasy Sports players will no longer be an issue. Sites such as DraftKings are filled with professional players, which puts the average DFS player at a significant disadvantage.

Another difference is that the entire prize will go to the winner, and it will not be split up between several different winners.

About StatHero

StatHero was founded in 2018, and the company continues to strive to become an innovative leader in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry. StatHero currently offers games for MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, and the PGA Tour, but this list continues to grow.

Fantasy survivor pools are extremely popular at StatHero, and this company levels the playing field for its customers. Players are not competing against professional DFS players but are instead competing against the house.

By providing several different ways to win at StatHero, customers achieve 2.5 times their buy-in value on the wide range of games. Earning a win in StatHero allows you to advance, while a loss will eliminate you from the game.

The Daily Fantasy Sports industry in the United States continues to be highly competitive, but StatHero has been able to find success by being innovative and focusing on the customer.

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