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When are the Bears playing next?

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About The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears enter their 100th season as charter members of the NFL. Based in Illinois, the Bears pride themselves on having competed in all of the league’s 99 seasons and winning more games than any other NFL franchise.

The Bears have 9 NFL championships (that includes a Super Bowl) under their belt and a record number of players in the hallowed portals of the Hall of Fame. With the greatest number of retired jersey members, the Chicago Bears have clearly demonstrated that they are no longer the cubs they were before.

The Manager

Ryan Pace, enjoying his fourth stint as general manager of the Chicago Bears, is expected to grace that position until 2021. However, it hasn’t always been an easy road for him, especially during 2015-2017. In the face of mounting losses, the media and many others who were gunning for Pace’s head, the Chicago Bears stuck with him and that has paid rich dividends. 

Team History

The Chicago Bears have a long history that begins way back in Illinois, Decatur in 1920. The idea of a franchise was conceived by AE Staley and a new football league was born in that year. George Halas, Staley’s chosen representative, and Staley became part of the Football Association, now known as the National Football League.

The Decatur Staleys, sponsored by Staley, tasted its first victory. In an effort to promote the league, Staley allowed the team to move to Chicago but insisted that it retain its nomenclature at least for a period of one year. Halas, with Staley’s $5,000 in his pocket, agreed.

Team Success

Once the Staleys team moved to Chicago, it started off on a bright note by winning the 1921 league championship. A year later, the Chicago Bears franchise was formed. Thanks to their innovative approach and willingness to buy fabled players from other teams, the Chicago Bears have been rated as one of the most successful in the league’s history.

In 1982, Mike Ditka replaced Halas and took charge of the Chicago Bears. In 1985, the team nudged its way to the top 5 of the NFL. However, the team did have to contend with many uphills, change of hands and mixed fortunes. Manager Pace and current head coach Matt Nagy are working to rejuvenate the team and end the playoff drought.

Famous players

Walter Payton

A former player for the Chicago Bears, Walter Payton played for 13 seasons. Known as “Sweetness”, Payton held many records and entered the Football Hall of Fame. Former coach Ditka describes him as “the greatest football player he has seen” and “a great human being”.

Dick Butkus

This versatile player was an actor, football player and commentator rolled in one. He distinguished himself in the nine seasons that he was with the Chicago Bears and won recognition on many counts. An intimidating linebacker, a fierce tackler, a tough and instinctive player, Butkus will go down as one of the greatest in professional football history.

Brian Urlacher

Urlacher laid the foundation for great football play when he played in college for the University of New Mexico. The 13 years he spent with the Chicago Bears was unforgettable. He was a football great that made his way into the Hall of Fame as a relentless linebacker.