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Bookit Sports CEO: “We want to simplify the methods of sports betting”

BookIT Sports App

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we keep focusing on what’s up ahead and look forward to when major league sports betting is up and running again. Meanwhile, we are connecting with important companies in the industry, companies that will make the return to sports betting fun and exciting. 

This week we got the chance to speak to just such company! We had the opportunity to shoot over a few questions to Trent Attyah, founder of Bookit Sports, a sports betting community app that is launching just before NFL starts. 

About Trent Attyah

Bookit Sports Founder/CEO Trent Attyah is from Newport Beach, California and will be graduating from Texas Christian University in August, 2020 with a degree in sports broadcasting and journalism. Trent’s original career plan before coming up with Bookit Sports was to become a play-by-play announcer for a professional sports team, as he landed several top internships throughout his college career such as Fox Sports Southwest, Dallas Cowboys and NFL Network. 

Here is a short explainer video of the Bookit App:

What is the Bookit Sports App and what prompted you to build it?

Trent from BookitAttyah. Bookit Sports is a sports betting social media platform that connects the global gambling community on one central hub. I came up with the idea when I realized there was a massive problem in the sports betting industry, which is the lack of social engagement and simplified content consumption. 

I came up with the idea when I was a junior in college at TCU. I was watching the Toronto Raptors play against the Charolette Hornets, and my friend had a bet on the Raptors to win the game. The Hornets won after hitting a full-court shot at the buzzer which lead to my friend having a hilarious reaction to losing the bet. I got his reaction on video but didn’t know where to post it because I didn’t feel comfortable sharing it on my current social accounts, but I knew it would go viral because it was very relatable. 

My friend turned to me and said “I actually made a separate Twitter and Instagram account specifically just to post and follow sports betting content.” That is when the idea clicked for me, I asked myself “How is there not a platform dedicated specifically for sports betting?” 

I knew there was a need for this product, and if I didn’t execute on my vision I knew someone else would. That is the story behind the idea of Bookit Sports.

Who are your target customers in the U.S? Are you focusing on novice bettors, punters or pros?

Attyah. Our target audience is of course the average sports bettor, but we also want to target the users who are not currently sports betting but are intrigued by the industry. We want Bookit Sports to be the place where people can go to learn how to bet on sports, get familiar with how the industry works, and connect with others to enhance their betting expertise. We plan to target all types of sports fans, and we also want to be inclusive to the new audience of female sports bettors to use our app to become more familiar with how to bet on sports.

Our main goal is to make the app as easy to use and accessible as possible for anyone to use

The problem with current existing sports betting mobile applications is that if you don’t already have  previous betting experience, you probably have no idea what you are looking at or how to use it. With Bookit Sports, we want to simplify the methods of sports betting and help users better understand the terminology used when placing bets. Our main goal is to make the app as easy to use and accessible as possible for anyone to use.

How do you see the American sports betting landscape evolve over the next 2-3 years and what role will Bookit Sports play?

Attyah. I think when sports return, sports betting will become the epicenter of sports engagement and content consumption. The sports industry will need to come up with new ways to engage audiences and lure in new fans in a post-Covid-19 world, and I think sports betting will be embraced by every professional league in the US. With sports betting becoming more socially acceptable, Bookit Sports will be the platform to host all of this new social media content that revolved around sports betting. 

Your slogan is “Bring Everyone Together” which likely resonates with most of us currently isolated from family and friends. How do you see your app help bringing people together in a post-pandemic world? 

Attyah. Bookit Sports will bring the community together during a time where it is very much needed. We want to “Bring Everyone Together” to celebrate the return of sports while getting back into the swing of things with betting. The Bookit Sports app will have several avenues to engage with the community, including a home feed where people can view user-generated content and several chat rooms to engage with specific games. 

When are you launching and what can users expect on the day of the launch?

Attyah. Our plan is to launch 3 weeks before week 1 of the NFL Season. We are not in a rush to launch a product given that sports are not being played right now, which gives us the time we need to execute our development schedule and do the necessary beta testing before releasing a finished product. If the NFL holds on to its original start date of September 27th, then we would likely release our product in the first week of September.

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