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NCPG Survey Reveals Regulation Improves Consumer Attitudes to Gambling

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The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) has published its findings on gaming trends and attitudes across the US.

Carried out by Ipsos on behalf of the NCPG, the survey collated the views of 3,000 people across all states in the US. Topping the list of results was the fact that 73% of those questioned had participated in some form of gambling over the last year.

American Attitudes to Gambling Remain Favorable

However, what stands out beyond the participation stats are the attitudes towards gambling. Taken as a collective, only 13% of those surveyed believed gambling was immoral. Beyond that, the majority of participants appeared to understand the nature of gambling as a form of entertainment rather than financial security.

86% agreed that people should only gamble with money that’s left after bills and living expenses have been covered. Additionally, 57% believe that gambling is for entertainment and not to win money, while 89% agree with the notion of online spending what you can afford to lose.

As well as supporting Lend EU’s findings that most American’s are in favor of regulated betting and gaming, the statistics are even more pronounced on a local level. In states with some form of regulation already in place, participation rates are high and, moreover, consumers have a greater understanding of the industry.

Regulation Working in Industry’s Favor

For example, looking specifically at New Jersey, 92% believe you shouldn’t gamble more than you can afford to lose. Additionally, only 9% believe gambling is immoral, compared to 13% on a national level.

What this suggests is that regulation has not only been effective in providing more forms of entertainment, it’s improved the industry’s image. With licensed operators providing safe, secure and fun ways to ante-up, more people can now see the lighter side of gambling.

Given that an overwhelming majority of Americans already disagree with the idea that gambling is immoral, improvements are always going to be incremental. However, with a 4% difference between national attitudes and those in stated such as New Jersey, the benefits of regulation are clear.

Indeed, as sports betting continues to spread across the US, the latest data should bolster the arguments of those pushing for state and federal legislation for all forms of betting.

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