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Betting on a Horse Race: A Guide On How To Gamble In The 2020 Kentucky Derby 

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One of the biggest horse racing events in the United States, the Kentucky Derby will commence on September 5, 2020. In its 146th edition, the Derby will feature a new set of three-year-old thoroughbreds that will saddle up at Churchill Downs. Since the date is postponed, bettors now have the luxury of time to come up with their deserving bets for the upcoming Derby. 

Although the fans will have to wait for a few months before the Run For The Roses to settle, most of the Derby hopefuls are now ready to run in the dirt track. In fact, only two Derby-prep races are left before the final list of racers gets released. If these two racing shows, namely the Santa Anita Derby and Wood Memorial Stakes, are settled, then the wagering games both will start right away. 

Hence, if you are an avid horse racing fan and bettor, this is the best time to strategize well while the Derby is still far. That said, we’ll give you a heads up on how to bet on horses online and offline. We will also cover some of the primary wagering games you can play to get you guided on what to do when the Derby racing comes.

Wagering On Straight Bets 

Straight bets are the most popular wagering games you can play in the Kentucky Derby. The majority of the bettors are gambling on these categories because they are secure. At the same time, it does not require you to utilize a huge amount of money. Although the prize is not big, if you win consistently, then you can substantially grow your bankroll. Here are the types of straight bets you must know. 

Win. This is the most straightforward horse race betting game, and you can start paying around $1 to $2. The Win bet allows you to pick a racehorse that can win the Kentucky Derby. 

Place. This betting game still requires you to wager for smaller amounts. However, you have to select two racehorses, which can either win first or second place. 

Show. It is an easier betting game, and you get higher chances of winning. You can pick three racehorses to end up in the first, second, or third spot. 

Wagering On Exotic Bets

Exotics bets in horse racing are a bit challenging. It demands an extra effort of preparation. At the same time, you need the right betting strategies and timing to win in this category. Since this betting game comes a bit difficult, the prizes at stake are bigger. 

It also requires a substantial amount of money to gamble, so you must ensure you’re fully prepared. Below are the exotic bets you can play in horse racing. 

Exacta. This betting game is more likely the same with a “Place” bet. It is where you must pick two racehorses that can successfully win the racing show. The only difference is that the two horses should place precisely in the first and second orders.

Trifecta. This betting game is a bit more challenging. You need the right timing for this betting game. To win this bet, you must pick three horses to accomplish the first, second, and third spots in the right arrangement. 

Superfecta. This is the most challenging betting game you can play in a horse race. Since this is the most difficult, the money you can earn if you win comes huge. All you need to do is to find four horses to end up exactly in the first, second, third, and fourth placement. 

How To Bet For The Kentucky Derby

The betting game in the Kentucky Derby is one of the reasons why a lot of spectators gather annually to witness the show. Betting for this racing game comes in two ways. First, you can buy betting tickets directly at the cashier in the venue. As mentioned, the Derby this year will start on September 5, 2020, at Churchill Downs

On the other hand, you can also utilize the most efficient way of betting, which is online. Do know that there are many online bookies you can sign up that offer Kentucky Derby betting games. You only have to make sure that you sign up for a legit online oddsmaker so you’ll not get scammed if you win tremendously in the upcoming Derby. 


Betting in a horse racing event such as the Kentucky Derby is both fun and entertaining. At the same time, it’s a bit challenging since you have a lot of competitors to deal with. Also, most of the Derby hopefuls are deserving to win, and picking the winning entry to bet can be difficult most of the time. Therefore, if you like to earn big when the Kentucky Derby comes, make sure you apply the right betting strategies and compose a solid bankroll. Lastly, understanding each betting category listed above and where you can play them can help increase your likelihood of winning. 

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