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WFT Rebrands as “Commanders,” Will Law Rebrand to Allow Maryland Mobile Sports Betting?

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After 18 months and two full seasons, the Washington Football Team has rebranded its name to the Washington Commanders. As talks of changes to allow Maryland mobile sports betting work their way through the legislature, the state’s gambling law could be in for a rebrand of its own.

Commanders’ Impact on Maryland’s Fan Base

Team co-owner Tanya Snyder stated, “As we kick off our 90th year, we’re excited to celebrate the rich history of the burgundy and gold while also paving the way for our new tradition as the Washington Commanders.”

When there is a rebranding of any sort in the business world, fans and others involved with the brand are going to react. Some fans will dislike the change, others will support it, and some will have no reaction at all.

However, one thing is certain when it comes to a sports organization changing its name: the nickname doesn’t matter nearly as much as wins and losses.

Commanders defensive tackle Jonathan Allen said it best at a news conference covering the rebranding. The name not only symbolizes the organization’s past but also allows him and his teammates the opportunity to build a new legacy for the future of the organization.

“Kinda like the internet, it was 50/50,” Allen said. “Half loved it, half didn’t. But I tell people, it’s hard to love something when you only hear the name. You have to see the name, see the uniforms, see the environment, see the culture. It’s more than just a name, it’s a whole rebrand for this entire organization. So the name is just a part of what we are and what we’re gonna be moving forward.”

Current Maryland Sports Betting Landscape

Maryland sports betting operators like Caesars Sportsbook already seem to be embracing the name change. Maryland does not offer mobile sports betting at the moment, but it is gaining support as neighboring states like West Virginia and Pennsylvania offer users to place wagers online.

In the first month of retail sports betting, Maryland operators have brought in a combined handle that exceeded $16 million. That figure could more than double with mobile sports betting’s introduction.

Other states in the industry have benefited by offering mobile sports betting to residents in their states. State taxes have increased which could be used to fund education, help veterans, improve infrastructure across their states, and much more.

What Could Happen When Maryland Mobile Sports Betting Arrives?

With any business venture that involves a small or large scale, it is always good to take precautions when dealing with something new. The Sports Wagering Application Review Commission wants an update on a new disparity study for Maryland mobile sports betting.

The commission must receive a completed study before it can set licensing rules for mobile sports betting. Offering mobile sports betting soon in the state will garner more attention for the Commanders for the 2022 season.

Offering mobile sports betting will increase the betting volume across the state as more bettors will place wagers on the Commanders for the upcoming season. This is also a good strategic approach for sportsbooks that may want to partner with the organization moving forward.

For example, when New York sports betting launched, the Buffalo Bills partnered with FanDuel. This could be a strategic marketing strategy for the team and the potential sportsbook partner. 

A partnership with an operator could bring a retail sportsbook lounge or area to FedEx Field in the future. This would allow the franchise to bring in more money, and stay long-term in Maryland. The team’s lease with FedEx Field expires after 2027.

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