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UFC Latest To Join Sports Betting Party With New Product

The sports betting industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, and professional sports leagues are doing all they can to break into the market. The four major sports in the United States have all joined the sports betting industry in some fashion, and now the UFC appears ready to join the party.

The UFC announced that it is launching a sports betting product that will change the way fans of the sport view and participate during each fight. The launch of this new product is not expected until sometime early in 2020, but the announcement has sports betting fans excited for this new betting opportunity.

The UFC is based in Las Vegas, so it was only a matter of time before it tried its hand at the sports betting industry. The name of this new product is called UFC Event Center, and it will be a historic product when it is launched.

UFC Event Center is the first-ever sports betting product that has been designed specifically for one sport of one league. The UFC is a sport that has competitions and fights all year long, and this will give UFC fans a chance to bet on the sport during any part of the calendar year when it is launched.

More Data Available

Another cool and unique feature of this new product will be that official UFC data will now be available to the fans through the app. This kind of information has never been made available before, and sportsbooks across the country will have access to it as well.

UFC Event Center will offer fans the opportunity to watch 3D videos of recent and live fights, and the UFC will be creating new statistical categories to try and bring in new fans.

IMG Arena will be the company that is behind this new product, and it is one of the current leaders in the sports betting industry. UFC Event Center will be a mobile-first product that specializes in offering live betting opportunities that don’t yet exist in any sport or across any league.

The app will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices and is expected to be made legal in every state where sports betting is currently offered. Even though IMG Arena will be the parent company of this new product, other sportsbooks around the world will be able to apply for a license to receive the same data that users get with this app.

The UFC has reviewed some data, and it has found that less than 10 percent of bets on UFC fights happen after the fight has started. This new product should change that number drastically, and sportsbooks all over the United States will likely see a huge increase in action on UFC fights.

Not only will this new product give fans a chance to bet right along with the action, but it will also open up new betting opportunities surrounding each fight. Sportsbooks will have to license this new product if they want to offer the new betting options, but IMG Arena currently has over 300 sportsbooks in place at various parts around the world.

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