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Summer is peak wedding season, which often comes with a higher price tag, but perhaps it’s non-negotiable for you or your other half? Well, apart from when you have your wedding, there are a lot of other important things to consider.

For instance, picking a location for your wedding is one of the decisions you’ll want to get right. That’s why the team at USBettingReport.com, home to the best US betting sites, have compiled an index revealing the best states in the US to say “I do” based on various factors such as the average cost of a wedding, service availability, marriage/divorce rates, and weather.

Just keep on reading to see if there’s a state that might be worth considering when planning your wedding!

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Utah is Best State in U.S. to Exchange Vows

Topping the index is Utah after scoring an impressive 66 out of 100. Any engaged couples planning a wedding in this state will find it relatively easy considering the service availability. Utah ranks in the top five for event planners, jewellers, florists, and photographers, just missing out on a full sweep ranking seventh for bakers.

Not only that, but with the lowest divorce rate of just 6.8% and the highest marriage rate of 55.8%, it’s clear that many successful unions come out of Utah.

Nevermind the fact that the famous canyons, incredible landscapes, and beautiful lakes make it an extremely picturesque state to get hitched in. Just think of the wedding photoshoot opportunities!

Which are Other Best States To Say “I Do”?

So, we know Utah might be the best choice on paper but of course, there are other US states that you might want to consider. According to our research, here are the rest of the top five states to say “I do”:

2. Texas

Having been the location of over 185,000 weddings in 2022, the second highest in the entire index, it’s perhaps not much of a surprise to see Texas in second scoring 63.9.

The state is a great choice for anyone who wants the sun to be shining as they walk down with 5,137 average hours of sunshine per year, the fifth highest in the index. On top of that, with Texas being such a sizeable state, there are plenty of wedding venue choices from romantic ranches to lovely chapels.

3. Colorado

Colorado takes the third spot with an index score of 60.3 which is, in part, down to having the most event planners of all the states in the U.S. So, basically, finding someone to help with all the logistics and offer expert advice to avoid a bride or groomzilla situation is not a hard task if you’re getting married in Colorado!

4. Florida

In fourth is Florida having scored a total of 59.6 in our index. This state is ideal for those on a budget, as it’s the most cost-effective of all the top five with the average Floridian wedding coming to $23,167. This may explain why it was the third most popular US state for weddings having held almost 173,000 in 2022.

Additionally, for those who are actually a fan of the rain and would find it comforting on their wedding day, Florida ranks the highest of all the top five states for average rainfall per year (54 inches). Although it’s not a bad choice for sun lovers either boasting an average of 4,859 hours of sunshine per year. Therefore, it seems like you’ll just have to pick your wedding date extra carefully if you care about the weather.

5. North Carolina

Filling the final spot in the top five is North Carolina with a total index score of 59.1. Of all the top five U.S. states in our index, it’s the second cheapest with the average cost of a wedding coming to $23,280.

If you’re after a wedding celebration with southern charm, North Carolina is one of your best bets! Take your pick from a mountainous backdrop or a romantic beach wedding, the state has it all.


To discover which are the best states to say, “I do”, we acquired data on several key factors: Wedding Costs, Location Popularity, Weather, Service Availability and Marriage/Divorce Rates. These factors consisted of 12 individually weighted metrics, which added to the value of 100. 

  • Wedding Costs = 25
    • Average Cost of a Wedding (25)
      • The average cost of a wedding from the Wedding Report taking into account multiple factors such as: Event Location and Venues, Entertainment, Attire & Accessories, Beauty Services, Ceremony Officiators, Event Catering & Bar Service, Event Rentals, Flowers & Decorations, Photography & Video, Planner/Coordinator, Transportation and more
  • Location Popularity = 25
    • Google Searches for X Weddings in the US (20)
      • The total number of yearly searches for over 300 keywords related to weddings in the state, per Keywordtool.io.
    • Number of Wedding in 2022 (5)
      • The number of weddings which took place in that state during 2022, according to Wedding Report.
  • Weather = 20
    • Average Rainfall in Inches (10)
      • The average rainfall in inches per year, according to Google
    • Average Hours of Sunshine (10)
  • Service Availability = 15
    • Using the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics “location quotient” (a measure used to determine how concentrated a certain industry is in a single state compared to the nation as a whole), the services were scored accordingly:
      • Event Planners (3)
      • Jewellers (3)
      • Florists (3)
      • Photographers (3)
      • Bakers (3)
  • Marriage and Divorce Rates = 15
    • Divorce Rates (7.5)
      • Divorce rates by state, according to Wisevoter.
    • Marriage Rates (7.5)
      • Marriage rates by state, according to Census data.

We combined the weighted scores of each factor, for each state, to provide a final index score out of 100. The higher the score, the better the state to tie the knot.

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