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Tennessee Hires Director Of Sports Betting

The state of Tennessee has already legalized sports betting, but it has taken it a very long time to get things up and running. It’s been unclear as to what has taken the Volunteer State so long to get things cranked up, but it appears that it is finally headed in the right direction.

Tennessee recently announced that it has finally hired a director of sports betting, and that person would begin their role in that position Dec. 2.

Tennessee wasted little time in legalizing sports betting after the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban and left the decision up to each individual state. Tennessee even tried to be a trendsetter in the industry by becoming the first and only state to offer online or mobile-only sports betting upon launch.

Most lawmakers in the state of Tennessee thought that this would help to set them apart, but it has just created a ton of headaches, and they don’t have any other state to copy off of.

There hasn’t really been a plan in place over the last several months, but hiring a director of sports betting is a good first step in figuring things out.

Woman In Charge

Jennifer Roberts became the state of Tennessee’s director of sports betting on Monday, and she definitely has her work cut out for her. Roberts does have a background in both sports betting and the gambling industry, but this new position is unlike anything else she has ever worked.

Roberts is in charge of helping to create some rules and regulations for the state of Tennessee to abide by, and she is also in charge of setting a timeline to get sports betting up and running. Roberts does have an extensive background in gaming law in Nevada, and she will put those skills to the test in Tennessee.

It’s not as if Tennessee hasn’t been trying to get sports betting up and running, but it was definitely in need of a leader to take things over and start it down that path. The state has had a sports betting advisory council in place since voting to legalize, and they are the group that thought that bringing in Roberts was crucial.

The state sports betting advisory council recently held a meeting and announced that preliminary rules will be sent out soon. These rules are in no way, shape, or form the official rules that will accompany the launch, but at least there is something out there to go off of. The Tennessee Lottery is the governing body that will be in charge of the sports betting industry when it goes live, but it has yet to begin taking applications for vendors.

Tennessee is hoping to get the application process going as soon as the calendar flips to 2020 in hopes of launching sometime next spring. Tennessee was one of the first states in the Midwest to legalize sports betting, but the Midwest is now crowded with states that have legalized sports betting. This story will be one to follow as the months go on.

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