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Talks Heat Up In California For Legal Sports Betting

States all over the United States have been trying to find a way to legalize sports betting, and that is now the case in the state of California. State lawmakers have started to meet on the issue, and it features to be a hot topic of debate as the year rolls along.

There are a large number of lawmakers that are hoping to legalize sports betting this year, but there are some huge hurdles that remain before anything substantial can happen.

California is home to some of the most storied franchises in professional sports, and those teams would love to find a way to capitalize on the growing sports betting industry. There has been a huge push from some of these professional teams, and state lawmakers are trying to push the envelope.

The huge debate stems from whether or not a constitutional amendment would be needed if sports betting could be legalized. This process has happened in other states around the country and throws a huge wrinkle in the plans.

This Debate Stretches Beyond the Legislature

Tribal nations have been one of the biggest opponents of legalized sports betting for the last few years, but they are starting to come around. Tribes in the state of California have started to see the potential revenue amounts that would come streaming in, and they definitely want a piece of that action.

There are more than 20 tribes from the state of California that have formed a coalition to try and get a constitutional amendment passed that would legalize sports betting.

The tribal nations would prefer that the state lawmakers are able to pass a bill and get something signed into law, but the process just isn’t that easy. The coalition of Native American tribes has started the process of gathering up signatures in an effort to get something on the ballot in November.

If they are able to get the measure on the ballot, then it is unclear whether or not they will get enough to support to see an amendment added to the Constitution.

Not everyone in the state of California is on board with the plan of the tribal coalition. There are more than 100 commercial card rooms in the state of California, and these rooms are fighting for the right to have control of the sports betting industry.

The state would be unlikely to give the commercial card rooms control of sports betting, but they could give them the opportunity to take bets at their locations.

Will It Happen?

The short answer to the sports betting question is, no. Sports betting could very well be coming to the state of California at some point in the near future, but it’s not looking very likely in 2020.

There are just too many variables and too many moving parts to see things getting up and running by the end of the year. There are three different sides that all want sports betting in the state, but they can’t seem to agree on who should have control.

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