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Table Tennis Partnering with IMG Arena for Sports Betting

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world of sports betting in various ways, and one of the biggest effects is that sportsbooks have been looking for new betting options. Table tennis has been a popular new option for sportsbooks around the world, and now the sport has signed a major deal.

World Table Tennis (WTT) recently announced a partnership with IMG Arena, and the deal is set to transform how most sports fans view the sport. Most bettors are not familiar with the sport of table tennis, but that is set to change as a part of this new deal.

IMG Arena will now be able to offer live betting on the WTT, and that will increase the available betting options offered by the sports betting operator. IMG Arena has already been providing bets on table tennis events, but this will transform the way that these bets are offered.

Although all of the details of this new deal have not yet been announced, it has been confirmed that it is a long-term deal that will affect sports betting across the globe. IMG Arena will now be in charge of providing content for the major WTT events, which should grow the fan base of the sport.

The WTT Championships are the biggest table tennis event in the world, and the hope is that the event will become extremely well-known. WTT events are played year-round, and the group is hoping that this new deal will expand the sport and allow it to grow in popularity around the globe.

A New Way to Bet

Sportsbooks have been offering bets on table tennis over the last few months, and some sportsbooks have seen plenty of betting action. The sport has continued to play throughout the pandemic, and that has helped bring in a new audience.

IMG Arena is hoping to continue that trend by offering live betting on the sport. Live betting is one of the most popular new ways to bet on sports, and this new deal will give them exclusive access to offer these live bets.

IMG Arena does not offer the bets themselves, but they provide content that can be scooped up by sportsbooks around the world. They will help produce the live betting lines, and they are expected to get many sportsbooks wanting their new service.

Legal sportsbooks throughout the United States will be able to offer these live bets, assuming they have legalization from state regulators. IMG Arena is expected to provide live betting options for the WTT Cup Finals, the WTT Champions Series, the WTT Contenders Series, and the WTT Grand Smashes.

This is the first deal that the WTT has made with a sports betting content provider, but they are expected to seek other deals soon. IMG Arena offers 24/7 live betting coverage for several sports worldwide, and they are excited to add table tennis to the mix.

IMG Arena provided content for more than 56 million viewers in 2019, and that number is expected to grow in 2020.

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