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Stake.com Announces Partnership With Betradar

The sports betting industry might not be familiar with the name Stake.com, but it had better get used to hearing it soon. Stake.com has been extremely aggressive since bursting onto the scene a few years ago, and now it appears that it is ready to step up its game and get into the sports betting industry.

Stake.com has announced a partnership with Betradar to create Stake Sportsbook. Stake.com is known as a crypto casino site, and it is trying to break into the sports betting industry, and Betradar is the sports betting company to get it there.

A crypto casino site works in a different way than traditional online sportsbooks, and the money wagered and won is the biggest difference. Cryptocurrency is used at Stake.com, and the same cryptocurrency will be used at Stake Sportsbook, powered by Betradar.

This initial agreement is supposed to be a two-year partnership, and both sides will have a chance to re-evaluate and reassess where things stand after those first two years. It’s still a little early to begin comparing Stake Sportsbook to other sportsbooks on the market, but there is a real chance that it could become a global power.

Making Moves

Betradar has been making some huge moves of its own in recent years, and it is now trying to get into the cryptocurrency industry. Betradar is a product of the Sportsradar group, but this new partnership will not include all of Sportsradar in the deal.

Sportsradar already has some sports betting deals in place with the NHL, NBA, NFL, and FIFA, and it is very familiar with the sports betting industry. The deals with all of these professional organizations will give this new partnership exclusive league and team data that can be used on the sportsbook.

Continuing Success

Stake.com has had tremendous success in the online casino market, even though it has been on the market for less than three years. The fact that it accepts and specializes in cryptocurrency has set it apart in the online casino industry, and it should help to set it apart in the online sportsbook industry as well.

Stake.com has had over 11 billion online casino transactions since opening up, which is well above the pace that has been set from other sportsbooks. Even though Stake.com doesn’t have any experience in the sports betting industry market, it is still projecting to bring in a ton of action and money this year.

Stake owner Eddie Miroslav is hoping to introduce the company’s online casino customers to the brand new sportsbook and get them to take the same action. There is plenty of optimism surrounding this new partnership, and there is plenty of reason to believe that it will extend past two years.

This is not the first time that cryptocurrency has been in the news of late as it appears that cryptocurrency is here to stay. GoodGaming is planning to launch a Casino-Coin online casino that will use cryptocurrency. You can expect plenty of other online casinos and sportsbooks to do the same.

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