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Rotowire Sold to Gambling.com Group to Establish Brand in the United States

Rotowire Sold to Gambling.com Group to Establish Brand in the United States

Gambling.com Group Limited has agreed to acquire Roto Sports Inc., the operator that provides expert sports fantasy news and advice for RotoWire.com. The future endeavor is a way for the development of both Rotowire and Gambling.com.

Gambling.com acquired Rotowire to establish its brand in the United States

The Gambling.com Group will bring new resources to assist Rotowire by improving what features the company can offer and adding additional content. Charles Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer of Gambling.com Group, stated in a press release;

“Over the past 25 years, Peter and the RotoWire team have produced some of the best fantasy sports content in America and have in turn embedded their business into the heart of the American sports experience.

The Gambling.com Group will be surrounded by a talented workforce, media assets, existing audience, and trust Rotowire has acquired over the years.

Rotowire has three streams of income that have generated the company over a million dollars per year. Acquiring the company allows Gambling.com Group to get involved in the growing sports betting market in the United States.

Rotowire has a history of recommending who to play every night for daily fantasy pools and other games. When daily fantasy sports took over the fantasy market, there was always a concern that Rotowire would lose the players who are involved in season-long fantasy tournaments, and it was proven to not be the case.

Getting involved with daily fantasy sports helped the brand expand its season-long fantasy content as well with more player statistics and other tools. Through the platform, fantasy sports players were able to see who was injured, questionable, and who was starting for a game.

The platform was able to push out content like videos, podcasts, and featured stories. GDC acquiring Rotowire allows Rotowire sports betting content with access to more tools.

Gambling.com Group is committed to expanding its target demographic with the news, data, and content for subscribers and sports fans to have the advantage with daily fantasy and sports betting in the foreseeable future.

Details regarding the transaction between GDC and Rotowire

The transaction is expected to close by early January 2022. Gambling.com Group will acquire Roto Sports Inc for 27.5 million in cash and stock.

The purchase is approximately four times Roto’ Sports estimated 2021 revenue, with $7.5 million of the purchase price being deferred over two following the closing of the deal.

It is noted that Rotowire has more than 100,000 paid subscribers and insane web traffic that tops over 17 million for the last twelve months. The acquisition of RotoWire will immediately accelerate Gambling.com Group’s presence in the United States and is expected to create immediate accretion to fiscal 2022 earnings to establish a foundation for a leading role in the sports betting market.

This will also create value for the company’s aspirations for the short and especially long-term. Shareholders will also be involved as the value increases.

Earlier this year, Gambling.com Group was named Affiliate of the Year by eGaming Review. This is its second time winning the award since 2018.

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