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North Carolina Likely Looking at 2022 for Sports Betting

Many states legalized sports betting in the summer to launch sports betting by football season, leading to large handles throughout the United States. There are two times of the year where states aim to launch depending on their legalization date.

The first is the fall to prepare for football season, and the second is March Madness, the most wagered sporting event in the United States. Based on reports from the legislature, bettors in North Carolina could be able to wager on March Madness from their phones.

The North Carolina legislature is making a lot of progress on a sports betting bill, and it appears this will result in a 2022 launch.

North Carolina Assembly working hard to finalize sports betting

The North Carolina House Commerce Committee passed SB 688, the state’s sports betting bill, on November 4. The one issue the representatives had was figuring out a concrete plan for mobile sports betting.

Representative Jason Saine said he does not expect any more work to be done on the bill this year. He spoke about the development of the sports betting bill this year.

“We’re winding down, but it’s eligible for when we come back in April. We have some extra time between now and then, and I want people thinking about it, but I am pretty sure that’s the only hearing we’ll get in. It has to go to three more committees, that’s three more chances for discussion.”

There will be a few changes made to the bill in 2022. Saine said the bill will be a critical need for the state in 2022. Once they return after the new year, legislators will have the sports betting bill at the top of the list.

The goal is to launch mobile sports betting by the beginning of March Madness, and sports betting operators are preparing for the legalization. The bill was introduced in April 2021 by Senators Jim Perry and Paul Lowe before being approved in August. Saine continued by stating:

“I want people to understand the implication, I don’t like when bills come out, and there’s opposition to something that’s a false narrative. It gave people opposed to it a chance to speak out and for us to find out why they’re opposed. Some concerns are valid, some not as valid.”

The sports betting bill would give between 10 and 12 operators mobile betting licenses. Sports betting revenue would be taxed at a meager 8%. This is much lower than many states in the country.

Sports betting is available

If mobile sports betting is not legalized soon, the one positive is that bettors can still wager in person through two retail sports betting facilities. However, the state is still losing money to people traveling to legal states and also betting through offshore sportsbooks.

This makes sports betting a priority for 2022. Saine noted that over two million North Carolinians are betting illegally through offshore platforms, but nothing can be done. The only solution is to legalize sports betting in the Assembly.

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