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NFL Playoffs Kick Off At PointsBet With Some Terrific Promotions

The NFL Playoffs kick off this weekend, and PointsBet should be your NFL betting headquarters. PointsBet delivered some terrific NFL betting promotions throughout the regular season, and it has stepped it up even more for the playoffs.

PointsBet wants your bets, and it is offering you some terrific promotions to get them. Let’s take a look at some of the PointsBet promotions on the NFL Playoffs before looking at promotions for other sports.

Score First TD, You Win

This promotion is pretty easy to understand, and it is being offered for two games this weekend. PointsBet is offering this promotion for the Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans game on Saturday, and the Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints game on Sunday.

If the team you pick scores the first touchdown of the game, then you win the bet. There are some restrictions that apply, but this is a promotion that you need to check out.

Fade Darren Rovell

Darren Rovell is known for some interesting takes, and PointsBet likes to use his takes to set up some betting promotions. This week PointsBet is focused on total passing yards for Carson Wentz.

PointsBet has boosted the over/under for total passing yards. The number is set at 270.5 total yards, and you can get it at +110 at PointsBet Sportsbook.

NFL Playoff Parlay Boosters

Combining all four NFL playoff picks into one parlay bet can earn you a huge payday at PointsBet. PointsBet is offering playoff parlay boosters on four different scenarios, and you should definitely check them out.

NFL Playoff Boosters

There are a number of other NFL Playoff Boosters being offered at PointsBet as well, and they are offered on a number of top players.

Take a look at PointsBet Sportsbook to find an NFL Playoff Booster that you find intriguing.

Other Sports Promotions

Even though the NFL Playoffs will dominate the sports world this weekend, PointsBet is offering some promotions on other sports as well. PointsBet also has a terrific Loyalty Rewards program that gives you more money, the more you win!

Here are a few of the top PointsBet promotions to take a look at this weekend.

NBA Boosters: Much like the NFL Playoff Boosters, PointsBet has some terrific boosters for individual player performances in the NBA this weekend. The list is long, which should give a bet that you can take advantage of.

Make it Rain Promotion: The Make it Rain Promotion continues into the New Year, and PointsBet is offering this promotion on select NBA and NCAA Basketball games. For every three-pointer that your team makes, you win $3. Money can rack up fast with this promotion.

Lead by 2 Goals, You Win: Another popular promotion at PointsBet Sportsbook is the lead by two goals, you win promotion. This promotion is for NHL games and EPL matches and is another easy way to win.

If the team you choose leads by two goals at any time during the competition, then you win the bet.

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