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NBC Sports Chicago Airing Weekday Sports Betting Show

The state of Illinois legalized sports betting earlier this summer, and now entertainment companies across the state are starting to take advantage of it. NBC Sports Chicago recently announced that it would begin airing a four-hour weekday show dedicated to sports betting. The show will be called “The Daily Line,” which will focus on sports betting content in the state as well as the rest of the country. “The Daily Line” began airing on Aug. 6 and has already drawn some terrific reviews.

“The Daily Line” isn’t actually a new idea, but this is the first time that viewers have been able to tune in on television. This program began in January and was featured on NBC Sports Radio in the Chicagoland area and select areas throughout the country.

“The Daily Line” television show will also be aired in both Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, as the NBC Sports company is headquartered in our nation’s capital. Tim Murray and Michael Jenkins have been hosting the radio show, and they will be joined by Sara Perlman for the television production.

Show Content

“The Daily Line” airs from 2 pm to 6 pm CT on Monday through Friday, but could get bumped to NBC Sports Chicago Plus if it interferes with a Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox live broadcast. Not only does this show take a look at betting lines for all of the major sports currently in action, but there is also a portion of the show devoted to fantasy sports and daily fantasy sports.

There will be live studio guests that frequent the new show, and callers and listeners will also be given a chance to interact with the hosts of the show. Murray and Jenkins have already built up a large fan base with their radio program, and those same fans are expected to be regular participants on the television show.

This is not the first time that a television company has aired a daytime show dedicated to sports betting. ESPN and Fox Sports are two of the giants in the sports entertainment world, and they have both been introducing sports betting content onto their platforms. NBC Sports has also given this a go in Washington during Wizards home games and recently introduced a sports betting show during the Redskins preseason games.

No Sportsbooks Yet

Even though this new sports betting content will be seen in three major cities, Philadelphia is the only one that currently has legalized sportsbooks up and running. The state of Illinois legalized sports betting in June, but things are not up and running yet.

This new program is going to be for both the serious sports bettors as well as anyone that is interested in learning more about this growing industry. NBC Sports might have the jump on the local television markets, but major companies are set to produce this type of content soon. Caesars Entertainment recently reached a deal with Turner Sports to provide them with betting industry content, although no shows have been announced.

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