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Michigan: Green Light For Legal Sports Betting

States all across the United States are meeting to discuss the option of legalizing sports betting, and the state of Michigan has apparently made a decision. While most state legislatures are done meeting until the first of the year, that isn’t the case in Michigan.

Both the state Senate and House of Representatives are in session this week, and sports betting and internet gaming was at the forefront of their discussion. The state senate has approved a bill to legalize sports betting, and it is expected that the House of Representatives will do the same thing in the coming days.

Sports betting fans in the Motor City and other parts of Michigan could soon be able to legally place bets on sports throughout the state.

The legal sports betting bill first had to pass through the Senate, and it passed with flying colors. The Senate voted to legalize sports betting by a vote of 35-3, which will now send it to the House for another vote.

It’s hard to really know what the House of Representatives is going to decide, but all indications are that it will pass. Governor Gretchen Whitmer would then be required to sign the bill into law, but she has been openly supportive of legalized sports betting in recent months.

States all across the Midwest have been legalizing sports betting of late, and it looks like Michigan is going to be next up.

One of the biggest things that was keeping Michigan from legalizing sports betting was that the state was also trying to get internet gaming legalized as a package deal. It took several attempts for lawmakers to draw up a bill that was fair to the state and internet betting companies, but it appears that everyone is finally happy with the proposed bill.

Details Of The Sports Betting Bill

Sports betting would be available at 26 different locations throughout the state, with all but three of these locations being at tribal casinos. All of these locations would have to apply for a sports betting license before they could offer any betting.

There is a $50,000 fee to apply for a sports betting license, and the actual license costs $100,000. These numbers are similar to other states that have recently legalized sports betting.

Revenue for the state is always at the center of these discussions, and the state would receive a tax of 8.4 percent of the adjusted gross revenue that is brought in from sports betting. The city of Detroit would also receive 1.5 percent of all revenue brought in from the casinos.

State lawmakers have proposed that a large majority of this money will go towards the School Aid Fund, which brought in a ton of support from residents of the state.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is going to be in charge of the new sports betting industry, and all license applications must run through it. An interesting piece to this proposed sports betting bill is the possibility of multi-state betting. Federal law currently does not allow for this sort of thing, but it will be passed in Michigan if it is ever allowed.

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