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Merger of NFL and Sportradar and It’s Mega Impact in Sports Betting

The National Football League has stood firm in its opposition to sports betting in the United States until recently. Other professional leagues in the United States have been getting behind the sports betting industry, but the NFL continued to distance itself.

The National Football League completely changed its stance this week when it announced that it had formed a merger with Sportradar. Sportradar is a company that provides official league data to sportsbooks all over the country, and this deal is set to have a mega impact on sports betting in the United States.

More Data For Bettors

This new merger will allow Sportradar to deliver official NFL league data to sportsbooks throughout the country, and it will change the way betting on the NFL looks. Sportsbooks will now be able to offer in-play or in-game wagering like never before, and they will be able to use official league data to set lines and odds.

Sportsbooks that have a license with Sportradar will also have access to the Next-Gen stats that are provided by the NFL and is a service that provides player tracking data. Sportradar will help the NFL by providing “integrity monitoring” to ensure that no strange or unusual betting patterns are happening on NFL games.

Most betting experts believed that the NFL would eventually get on board with sports betting, but it happened much sooner than most thought. The National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and National Hockey League have all been working with the sports betting industry to provide betting content, and it put a ton of pressure on the NFL to keep up.

There are now more than a dozen states in the US that have legalized sports betting, and the NFL simply couldn’t sit back and try to fight the battle all on its own. Sports betting is going to continue to grow, and it was time for the NFL to capitalize on the money that is pouring in with the ever-growing sports betting industry.

Not A New Partnership

The NFL and Sportradar have been working together since 2015, but none of the information was to be shared with anyone in the sports betting world. This new deal will also give Sportradar the rights to distribute live game video to sportsbooks overseas, and they can then use that video when distributing odds.

The NFL has very strict rules in terms of distributing video in the United States, but this could open things up in the coming years.

Sports bettors in the United States place more bets on football than any other sport, and the NFL has the potential to make a ton of new money with this deal. Live betting continues to grow in popularity in the United States, and this new deal opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

It is unclear how quickly sportsbooks are going to be getting this new information from Sportradar, but experts believe that it will be sometime early in the 2019 NFL season.

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