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What is Matched Betting? How to use bonuses and betting promotions to your advantage

Matched Betting is a proven sports betting strategy that most consider “risk-free.” The entire premise of sports betting involves some risk, but this system eliminates much of that risk when it is done correctly.

The Matched Betting strategy takes the free bets and other promotions offered by online sportsbooks and uses that to your advantage. As the sports betting industry in the U.S. continues to become more competitive, the value of these free bets or bonuses tends to increase.

There are two types of bets used with this strategy: a back bet and a lay bet. With a Matched Betting strategy, both betting types will need to be used and used correctly.

  • A back bet is a type of bet that is the most commonly used in the sports betting industry. When bettors are placing a back bet, they are simply choosing which team or individual will win a game or an event.
  • A lay bet is the exact opposite of this, as it is a bet placed on the team or individual that the bettor thinks will lose. The reason that a lay bet is made is to cover your bases and losses in case the back bet fails.

With a Matched Betting strategy, bettors utilize the free bets offered from sportsbooks and use that to make the back bet. The lay bet wager will come from a customer’s bankroll, but it should be for the amount that would cover any losses.

This strategy can look different depending on the free bets or promotions that are offered, but understanding back and lay bets is a great place to start.

Look at All Sportsbook Options

One factor that can make matched betting even more effective for sports bettors in the United States is that many states have a competitive market. New online or retail sportsbooks continue to launch, and bettors can use the Matched Betting strategy at many different sportsbooks.

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It is essential to read all of the terms and conditions of each sportsbook’s bonuses, but finding out this information will be worth it in the end. Signing up for an account at all of the sportsbooks is always a good idea, and it will be even more beneficial when using this matched betting strategy.

Not Just For Professionals

While Matched Betting is generally considered a betting strategy used by professionals, it can be effective for new or beginning sports bettors as well. These bonuses or promotions are offered for anyone with a sports betting account, which means that Matched Betting can technically work for anyone.

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If you are looking to use the Matched Betting strategy to help you make some money while betting on sports, you need to follow a strict plan. Failing to use this type of betting strategy exactly right can cause some losses from which you may not be able to recover.

Matched Betting might be a complex strategy to learn, but it has proven effective for anyone who uses it. By adequately studying the trends, taking advantage of promotional offers, and hedging appropriately, Matched Betting can take your strategy to the next level.

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