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Indianapolis Colts, FanDuel Partner for Daily Fantasy Sports

FanDuel is one of the biggest names in the sports betting industry, and it has recently announced some big news. FanDuel announced that it has reached an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts. FanDuel will be the official fantasy sports partner of the NFL franchise, and that deal is set to begin immediately.

FanDuel already has a deal in place with 15 franchises in the National Football League, but this deal is set to transform the way fans watch and interact with the Indianapolis Colts.

Most of the sports betting industry is focusing on traditional sports betting, but FanDuel is going back to its roots with this new deal. This new deal is a way to engage current fans of the Indianapolis Colts, and also will attempt to bring in new fans.

FanDuel will provide plenty of marketing and advertising around the stadium for Colts home games, and it will also produce plenty of sports betting content to keep everyone entertained. FanDuel was looking for a way to get more involved in the NFL and have more of a presence after DraftKings was named the official daily fantasy sports provider of the National Football League.

Natural Move

This move should not be a big surprise to fans of the NFL or the sports betting industry after what FanDuel announced just less than a month ago. FanDuel reached an agreement with former Colts punter Pat McAfee, and he has been working on producing content for the daily fantasy betting company.

McAfee is making regular appearances on “More Ways to Win,” which is a daily television show that discusses betting opportunities surrounding the NFL. The former Colts punter was extremely popular during his playing days, and FanDuel is hoping to capitalize on his popularity.

It is still unclear how long this new deal will last, but both sides began the process of getting things going immediately. FanDuel made it clear that they chose the Colts due to their terrific fan base, and they like the fact that they are in the Midwest.

The Colts were just trying to find a way to get into the sports betting industry, and they are also hoping that this new deal will bring in new fans. It’s unclear if McAfee will become a part of the game-day operations at the Colts games in the future, but he will definitely be creating content that will be shown during the games.

Having his name and face behind this product should help make it a more successful partnership than it otherwise would have been.

FanDuel still has a contract with 14 other football teams around the National Football League, but this is a completely different type of deal. FanDuel will be starting this partnership with the Colts but is likely to extend to other NFL teams in the future.

DraftKings might be the official fantasy sports provider of the NFL, but FanDuel is making its way into the market as well.

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