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December Figures Cap Off Historic Year US Sports Betting Industry

The final month of 2021 capped off a historic year for the American sports betting revenues, with more than $7.3 billion in wagers placed across the country.

The December total represented a 0.7% decrease from the $7.402 billion in wagers placed during November, though the biggest drop was in the amount of revenue generated across the U.S. during the month.

The American sports betting apparatus witnessed a 55.96% drop, from $634.9 million in November to $279.6 million in December — putting a slight dour note on what was otherwise a strong finale for the sector.

In total, the U.S. sports betting network generated $57.75 billion in wagers and $3.838 billion in revenue during 2021.

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New Jersey, Nevada Lead the Way in Sports Betting Revenues

New Jersey accounted for $10.93 billion in handle alone. Nevada had $8.2 billion in handle. All told, the two states accounted for more than 35% of money wagered on sports in the United States in 2021.

But a couple of newcomers made the 2021 numbers jump. Michigan had more than $4.5 billion in handle last year, its first with online sports betting. Arizona kicked off mobile sports betting on the opening weekend of the NFL season and brought in more than $1.7 billion in handle during its first three- plus months.

Despite 2021 being a breakout year for sports betting, 2022 should be even bigger with the launch of mobile sportsbooks in New York. In the first month, the Empire State posted a national record $1.624 billion in wagers.

Trends to Remember From 2021 Sports Betting

The American sports betting community saw its shares of ups and downs in 2021, thanks to the cyclical nature of wagering.

The opening quarter of the year saw consecutive months of more than $4 billion in wagers, thanks to the NFL Playoffs, the Super Bowl, and March Madness.

The NCAA Tournament sparked a whopping $4.63 billion in wagers and $310.9 million in revenue during the third month of the year, which represented the largest figures until the NFL season kicked off in September.
Prior to that, the months of January ($4.37 billion in wagers, $333.8 million in revenue) and February ($4.01 billion and $179.9 million) showed the promise the U.S. sports betting marketplace presented with Michigan coming into the fold.

From there, the sports betting market entered its post-football and college basketball funk, with gradual declines in revenue ($3.70 billion in wagers in April, $3.71 billion in May, $3.68 billion in June, $2.80 billion in July, and
$3.07 billion in August), before spiking up once the football season kicked off.

Thereafter, the American market surged ever northward, with handles of $5.49 billion (September), $7.54 billion (October), and $7.402 billion (November) on the books.

The country’s sports betting revenues followed a similar pattern, dropping from $256.1 million in April to $244.7 million in May, before climbing to $308.4 million in June. November’s $634.9 million in revenue represented a
national record, while December’s haul represented the lowest total in five months.

2021 National Sports Betting Numbers

January  $4.37B  $333.8M
February $4.01B  $179.9M
March $4.63B $310.9M
April $3.70B  $256.1M
May $3.71B  $244.7M
June $3.68B  $308.4M
July $2.80B  $243.9M
August $3.07B  $196.1M
September $5.49B $334.5M
October $7.54B  $514.8M
November $7.402B  $634.9M
TOTAL $57.75B$3.838B

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