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Fantasy Life CEO: “Community is everything to us”

Yasin Abbak Fantasty Life CEO

This week’s interview is with Fantasy Life CEO Yasin Abbak. Abbak co-founded fantasy sports and sports betting app, Fantasy Life together with Matthew Berry @MatthewBerryTMR.

Abbak has previously held positions at Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan Chase. He earned his Bachelors from Drew University in Economics and Political Science.

What is the Fantasy Life App? 

Yasin Abbak Fantasty Life CEOAbbak. The Fantasy Life App is a sports community app where users post, poll, comment, get alerts, compete and chat about fantasy sports, DFS and sports betting. We are your digital sports bar for advice and the fastest alerts to make smarter and faster DFS and sports betting decisions.

We’ve built a technology that pushes alerts out faster than most major sports news outlets. Instead of waiting for a big publication to cover breaking news, we go straight to the source — reporters on the ground watching practices and warmups. In the 10 minutes our users know about an injury that could impact one of their players, they can make a move before other players act or before sportsbooks adjust.

How are you helping the average fantasy sports player or sports bettor? What void is it filling in the marketplace?

Abbak. The void we saw within the fantasy and betting world was begging to be filled. There was a widening gap between the serious DFS players and the average sports bettor who bets when they can, and we knew that access to information would close that gap.

we built all our features for the regular guys like me

We’re bridging the gap between the average fantasy sports player or bettor and those who invest large amounts of time into following news, poring over stats, and making decisions. The Fantasy Life App brings that information and experience straight to the casual player, enabling him or her to make decisions based on the same quality of information.

You don’t need to pay a heavy subscription fee for a product which you can only use if you have a background in data analytics. Some of those products and services are fantastic and invaluable, but we built all our features for both the regular guys like me, and also the guys who do this professionally. We keep it simple without sacrificing value or impact.

What role does community play in fantasy sports and sports betting? How have you tapped into that idea?

Abbak. Community is everything to us. We’ve learned that people who do this for fun want to connect with other people who also spend their time betting on games and building fantasy rosters. This is increasing now that sports betting is becoming a more acceptable piece of American sports culture.

On the Fantasy Life App, we built spaces for users to compete against each other, ask for and give each other advice, and poll other users on a particular player or choice. Discussion around sports betting, player props and betting impacts has increased 800% year over year. That tells us all we need to know. Community allows users to be super engaged.

How do you see the app growing in the next year? How about in two years?

Abbak. Our focus right now is on building an alert system for the NBA. We’ve seen huge success with our fast news alerts for the NFL, and we know it will have the same effect for NBA fans. We are building more customization and personalization options for users to get the exact types of alerts they want as well.

Over the next two years, we intend to release features that dig deeper into the value of the alerts to make it easier to take action on lines and bets that are related to news items. We’re building that technology now.

Discussion around sports betting, player props and betting impacts has increased 800% year over year

Listening to our users and building the ideal experience for them is our main focus in all we do. It guides what we do with the app and we’re continuing to listen to them and tweak the experience as needed.

As sports betting moves into its second year as a legalized industry, do you have any thoughts or trends that you’re seeing in the marketplace that you see extending into 2021 and beyond?

Abbak. Mobile betting is the future of sports betting in the U.S. In New Jersey, more than 80% of sports betting revenue comes from mobile betting. I believe the New Jersey model will be adopted by more states. Mobile is the preferred and convenient way to play, and New Jersey is the proof of concept that other states should look to for the future. I think states will follow. It just makes too much sense from a revenue perspective, especially as states scramble to address budget deficits.

The integration of betting and leagues is another exciting trend popping up — a great example is the XFL. They are already seeing high engagement through showing betting lines in the game broadcasts. That will only grow as more and more consumers and sports fans see it and betting becomes embedded in American sports culture.

Fantasy Life App

Download the IOS app here https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fantasy-life-alerts-advice/id951876994 

Download the Android app here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?hl=en&id=com.arkeapps.fantasylife 

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