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ENGINE Media Formed, Sports Betting Involved Via Former NBC Executive

It’s starting to feel like there is a new major announcement being released each week in the sports betting industry, and this week is no exception. The biggest announcement this week came in the form of three huge media platforms combining into one new company that is being called ENGINE Media.

Companies throughout the United States are doing whatever they can to get involved in the sports betting industry, and ENGINE Media is just another example of this. It’s a bit unclear how ENGINE Media will affect the sports betting industry, but it will provide more content and entertainment in an ever-growing industry.

Getting In The Game

Former cable TV executive Tom Rogers is the man responsible for launching ENGINE Media, but he was able to get plenty of other executives on board with his plan. Rogers was formerly an executive at NBC, but now he is set to try his hands in the sports betting industry.

ENGINE Media is going to focus its efforts on esports, gaming, and live news content in relation to the sports betting industry. All three of these categories are extremely large, and it appears that there are endless possibilities for ENGINE Media to explore.

The financial details of this new merger were not disclosed, but all three companies are hoping that the risk is worth the massive potential reward.

Rogers is currently the executive chairman at Winview and will serve as the executive chairman of ENGINE. The other two companies that are a part of this merger are Torque ESports Corp and Frankly Inc.

Darren Cox is the current chief executive officer at Torque ESports Corp, and Lou Schwartz is the current chief executive officer of Frankly Inc. It is unclear what roles Cox and Schwartz will play with ENGINE Media, but they will definitely have major roles.

Even though ENGINE Media still has some things to sort out and determine exactly what direction it is headed in, it did give out some general information in its press release. ENGINE Media will be trying to create new revenue sources for other media companies by creating an integrated platform of live news coverage and sports information.

The hope is that ENGINE Media will be hired by major sports betting companies to produce advertisements and programming that can be used to draw in new customers.

All In One

ENGINE Media will seek to combine news, sports, esports, and gaming all into one production, which really does open the door for almost anything. The world of esports is growing bigger by the day as well, but there has not been a ton of information being developed and delivered about esports.

The news and sports categories go hand in hand with one another, and there should be plenty of great opportunities for ENGINE Media to explore. All three of these companies currently have massive followings and reach a large number of people in the United States.

The initial press release stated that they have a combined 100 million followers or customers, and this number should grow exponentially with this merger.

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