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Colorado Approves Sports Betting By Surprisingly Narrow Margin

Sports betting fans in Colorado were on edge on Tuesday night as the decision to legalize or not legalize sports betting was put up for a vote. Lawmakers in the state of Colorado have expressed their desire to legalize sports betting, but language in the state’s Constitution left the decision up to the residents.

Most experts expected Proposition DD to easily pass, but that is not how the vote went down. Residents in the Mile High State went to bed on Tuesday night with the matter still unresolved, but the results started to come into focus on Wednesday morning.

With just over 100,000 votes remaining to be counted, the “yes” votes were leading the “no” votes by the slimmest of margins. Those in favor of legalizing sports betting were at 50.5 percent, while those opposed to the new law were at 49.5 percent.

State law requires there to be a recount if the margin of any vote is within .5 percent or less, and that could be the case with this result. A recount would delay the announcement of any results for a few months, but it is expected that sports betting will now be legal in the state of Colorado.

What It Means For Colorado

What it means for Colorado is that it is now the 19th state to legalize sports betting in the United States since the Supreme Court left the decision up to each individual state. The licensed casinos in the state of Colorado will now begin making plans to build and open up sportsbooks on-site at their locations, allowing for betting on sports teams like the NFL’s Denver Broncos.

This new law does not allow for any new casinos or sportsbooks to be built but will grant the current casinos in the state the opportunity to begin taking bets on sports.

The passing of Proposition DD also means that the Clean Water Project will receive additional funding for the next several years. Lawmakers agreed that a portion of the revenue from the sports betting tax would go towards providing clean water for the entire state.

Another step for Colorado will be to begin the discussion on legalizing online and mobile betting throughout the state. Mobile and online betting has become extremely popular in this country and is the way that most states have made their money.

Colorado state lawmakers will try to strike while the iron is hot and get the ball rolling with this type of legislation.

Where Did Opposition Come From?

This vote was not supposed to be this close, but opposition came from a large population of the residents of Colorado. The main reason that so many people voted no to Proposition DD was apparently because of the way it was worded on the ballot.

Proposition DD was presented as a tax increase to the residents of Colorado when really it would only be raising taxes for the casinos where sports gambling was going to be legalized. There could very well be a large portion of the state that is not in favor of legalizing sports betting, but the language and the way Proposition DD was presented on the ballot did not help things.

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