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Chinese Lucky Numbers: How They are Used in Gambling

If you have ever wondered why so many gambling companies use numbers in their name, well, there is a specific reason. These gambling companies are getting these names from Chinese lucky numbers in hopes that it will bring the site success and, well, good luck.

22Bet is one of the companies that use the number two in its name, and this came directly from the Chinese lucky number two. Decorations in China are traditionally set out in pairs, and the number two reflects germination and harmony.

The 22Bet Website uses this same Chinese decoration pattern in its site look, but the real importance is on the number two. 22Bet isn’t the only site that does this, and taking a closer look at some of the most common lucky numbers in China might explain the names of other betting sites.

Each sign of the Chinese Zodiac also has a lucky number or numbers associated with it, and this can also help in the naming of some sites. Each of these names is well thought out, and of course, luck plays a major role in the gambling industry.

Some Chinese Lucky Numbers

Number 8: The number 8 is widely regarded as the luckiest number in Chinese culture, and the pronunciation of the number is one of the biggest reasons why. Pronouncing the number eight is similar to the word “Fa,” which means to make a fortune.

People in China also try to use number 8 in their telephone numbers as they believe it will bring them prosperity and wealth. The eighth floor of buildings and residences is widely considered the best option, and people will even pay top dollar for anything associated with the number 8.

Number 6: This number is pronounced as “Liu,” and it simply means do everything smoothly. This can apply to luck, or it can simply apply to a person living life in a smooth manner.

Number 9: This is another extremely popular lucky number in Chinese culture, especially in the city of Beijing. Number nine means longevity and eternity, which is what every person is striving for.

The Forbidden City in Beijing famously had 9,999 rooms. It is also a tradition for 99 or 999 red roses to be sent by lovers. The hit song, “99 Red Ballons,” also pays tribute to one of the luckiest numbers in the Chinese culture.

Unlucky Numbers in China

There are plenty of lucky numbers in the Chinese culture, and that speaks to the positive feeling and energy in the culture. With that being said, the numbers 4 and 14 are considered two of the unluckiest numbers in Chinese culture.

Number four is an unlucky number because it sounds like “Si,” which means death in Chinese. Fourteen is considered an unlucky number because it includes the number four, and it is typically avoided at all costs if possible.

If you see a gambling company with the number four or 14 in its name, you can assume that Chinese culture was not considered when picking a name.

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