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Casey Urlacher Part of Huge Sports Betting Scandal that Rocks the Industry

Casey Urlacher, brother of Chicago Bears Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher, is one of 10 people charged with illegally operating an offshore sports betting business. The news was announced by federal prosecutors in an announcement that sent shockwaves through the sports betting industry. The official charge was brought up in US District Court, with the charge of conspiracy and running an illegal gambling business.

According to prosecutors, Casey Urlacher acted as an agent for the gambling company. As an agent, Urlacher was in charge of recruiting new bettors to the website in exchange for a cut of the profits from those losses. The 40-year-old claims to not know anything about the gambling ring, but federal prosecutors think otherwise.

Vincent DelGiudice of Orland Park is supposedly the ringleader of this offshore sports betting ring. DelGiudice got in touch with a Costa Rica-based sportsbook and used its online platform in exchange for a small fee.

It is that online platform that Urlacher, and other agents recruited the bettors to, and then they were paid handsomely for their work. Nicholas Stella, 42, was also one of the agents that were named in this case, and he has already lost his job because of it. Stella was an 18-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, but they wasted little time in stripping him of his police powers.

Federal agents searched and raided DelGiudice’s home in August 2019, finding over $1 million in cash and close to 500 thousand dollars worth of valuables. DelGiudice is facing much more serious charges than Urlacher and the rest of the agents, but he could give up testimony that leads to further punishment.

Casey Urlacher played collegiate football at Lake Forest College in Illinois before a brief stint in the Arena Football League. He moved into politics after retiring from football but has stayed close to Chicago. Brian Urlacher was not charged or mentioned in connection with this sting.

Urlacher Resigns From Illinois Civil Service Commission

Just one day after being named as a defendant in this sports betting scandal, Casey Urlacher chose to resign from the Illinois Civil Service Commission. Urlacher was appointed to the commission by ex-governor Pat Quinn in 2013 but has chosen to step away from his position because of his role in this scandal. The Civil Service Commission meets about once a month, and it is a small group made up of just five people.

Urlacher is also the current mayor of Mettawa, which is a small suburban city on the North side of Chicago. This is his second term as mayor of Mettawa, and he doesn’t have any plans to step down because of this scandal at this time.

Even though Urlacher is currently not under legal or police custody, there is always a chance that he could be charged and face some prison time. Governor JB Pritzker will now need to appoint someone to replace Urlacher on the Illinois Civil Service Commission. That appointment is expected sometime later this month or in early March.

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