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Ultimate Odds Founder: “Our Goal is to be The Expedia of Sports Betting”

Ultimate Odds is a sports betting app that’s launching in the beginning of May this year. The app cleverly lets their users pick the sportsbook that will give them the highest payout for a particular wager.

When we heard about this new app, we reached out to co-founders Jonathan Bierig and Justin Batushansky to learn more about what their betting app is all about and how they plan to compete in the increasingly competitive U.S. sports betting markets.

About Justin and Jonathan. Justin studies finance at Drexel University and is into Bitcoin, the Eagles (not the band). Jonathan is a Sophomore, also at Drexel University, studying Communications. He likes investing in stock and is a huge sports fan.

What is Ultimate Odds? How did you come up with the idea? 

Bierig. Ultimate Odds is a way of betting efficiently. We maximize a bettor’s winning potential by matching their bets to the sportsbook with the highest odds for their particular wager. We have made sure to focus on having a sleek and intuitive user experience and tried capitalizing on being simple and familiar to use.

Coming up with this idea came naturally, as betting has been such a popular hobby for many around the college campuses and we realized people were missing out on significant money every time they placed a bet. The first thing that came to mind was finding a way to simplify that. And here we are. Luckily we have such a great team of developers helping us do just that

How is your app different than what’s on the market today? Who is your target audience?

Bierig. Being simple. That was our goal coming into this. We have a user experience that makes choosing your bet easy and enjoyable.

We have also begun to work on our second version of the app which will include a social media feed as well as some cool new unseen features. With the social feed, we believe we can capture the community feel and combine it with the efficiency of making the best bets. This is something the market has not seen yet and we are excited to be at the forefront of it all. 

When it comes to our target audience, we believe that anyone from 21-35 would be ideal for our platform as sports betting has begun to center around the younger age groups but we can also cater to the older group of bettors who are transitioning to betting online, as we have a pretty simple process and tutorial for how to use our app! 

When are you officially launching and what are your goals for 2021? 

Batushansky. Our plan is to officially launch on May 3rd. Our goals for 2021 include successfully launching version 1.0 and version 2.0 of our app that is in sync with users’ feedback. This will allow us to build out the app according to the wants and needs of the market.

As of right now, we are partnered with PointsBet, Sugarhouse, and Parx Casino and one of our goals is to partner with at least 3 more sports books and build out our partnerships. In terms of the user base, our goal is to have as many active users by the end of 2021.

How is it working in a startup during the Pandemic? Are you both working remotely?

Batushansky. Working on a startup during the pandemic has been great and extremely productive. It eliminates many distractions that pre-pandemic life threw at us. In terms of where we are working: we both started off working remotely. However, a few months in we were awarded an office by the Baiada Institute at Drexel University for winning a startup fund competition. Since then, we’ve maintained a nice balance by utilizing the office as well as continuing to work remotely.

Where do you see the sports betting market going in the next few years and what is the ultimate goal for Ultimate Odds?

Bierig. The sports betting market has us excited. It has made sports games go up in viewers and has become a topic of conversation pretty much anytime a sports event is on. If you ask us, we believe sports betting is catching up to stocks. In the near future most states will have legalized online betting and the sports betting companies will start to partner with all the major sports teams. To us, this is the perfect time to be in this space. 

Our goal is to be the Expedia and Kayak of sports betting, with a twist. We want to be a household name that gives bettors a reliable place to do their due diligence and maximize all their profits. With that being said, we believe we can revolutionize the way betting is done. 

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