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SuperDraft CEO: “Our Multiplier Mode sets us apart from other DFS games”


US Betting Report got the opportunity to send a few quick questions to Steve Wang who is the CEO of Daily Fantasy Sports app SuperDraft. We chatted about how he started the company and what makes SuperDraft different from its competitors.

What is the most difficult part of your day-to-day operations involved with being the CEO of SuperDraft?

Wang. The biggest challenge for me is that I’m both CEO and financier. I’ve always been willing to do what it takes to succeed but that means making sure we have adequate resources to scale the business while ensuring the team keeps innovating and optimizing everything we do. It’s a balancing act.

Add to that the volatility from the pandemic just six months after we launched, not only in the sports world but having to connect with the team virtually like everyone. It has given us the opportunity to rethink the way we work and how we communicate as a workplace.

It’s also given us the chance to really focus our thinking on a more seamless digital customer experience. I’m always thinking about how to keep both our employees and our customers engaged and motivated.

Is there a certain moment that inspired you to start SuperDraft, and what is the history behind the product?

Wang. I have always been a gambler and a fantasy player. I’ve played and studied every DFS product and was dissatisfied with what was available in the market. I knew there had to be a better platform that made the game simpler while providing more ways for a player to win.

Back in 2016, I invested in a company called Fanzcall. The game was complicated, the technology wasn’t effective, and eventually, the company went bankrupt, so I bought the software.

Through that acquisition, I began working with Nate Hunter, who is now SuperDraft’s CTO, to determine if we could fix the technology in order to build a better DFS product. Once I knew we could create a singular product that had superior technology and UX compared to the others on the market, we began creating a unique new game mode – Multiplier Mode – which sets SuperDraft apart from every other DFS game.

How easy is it to get started at SuperDraft and start playing?

Wang. SuperDraft is a fun and simpler way to play DFS. It levels the playing field by reducing the complexity of traditional salary-cap style games with the Multiplier Mode. You can choose any player you want in your lineup, with zero restrictions.

From there, the Multiplier Mode gives certain players different levels of scoring multipliers. For example, a player with a 1.5X multiplier will get all of their points earned in the contest multiplied by 1.5.

This is a simpler, quicker way to play, especially if you haven’t learned the ins and outs of traditional auction games. So as a player and product owner, I believe we’ve accomplished what everybody wants – more opportunities to win.

What can consumers see and do at SuperDraft that they cannot do other places?

Wang. The first thing is the Multiplier Mode – it only exists in the SuperDraft app. Fantasy players can’t find it anywhere else in the market. Players tell us it saves time and creates more opportunities to win, plus they think it’s more fun. Normally, it takes hours each week to develop a lineup with a salary cap.

The second thing that is unique about SuperDraft is that players aren’t competing against big sharks where they have no chance of winning. They get a greater feel of competition. You just don’t find that anywhere else.

You obviously are a sports fan… What players would you make sure you had on your roster if you were playing SuperDraft on a regular basis?

Wang. There is one player who I would always include in my lineups and that is Kyler Murray from the Arizona Cardinals. He’s fast, smart, and dynamic! He’s the next Michael Vick with a higher ceiling and on pace to throw for 4,000 yards and run for 1,000 in the same season. No quarterback in the NFL has ever done that. There’s no better feeling than watching him rack up points in your SuperDraft lineup.

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