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Sharp Founders: “We saw an opportunity to empower bettors through education”

Sharp App

Earlier this year, Sharp, a sports betting app focused on advanced betting education, launched in the U.S. Sharp is an all-in-one platform with content, tools, and solutions built to educate and empower sports bettors to make smarter decisions and manage their actions.

The platform was built by Win Daily and DFS Army and unites Win Daily’s media content and DFS Army’s proprietary technology to create a new sports betting educational experience. Features of the app include Sharp Academy, a masterclass teaching betting skills, odds checking, and prop projections.

This week we got the chance to speak with Co-founders Jason Mezrahi and Kevin Epstein to learn more about Sharp and the company’s plans for the future.

About Kevin Epstein – Co-Founder and CEO

Kevin is a lifelong entrepreneur. After graduating from SUNY Albany with a degree in Finance, he became a successful proprietary equities trader. At the age of 24, he founded his first e-commerce business in the manufacturing space and built it up to over $5 Million in annual sales.

More recently in 2015 he founded DFS Army Inc, one of the largest and most successful sites promoting tools and content based around the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry. Currently, he is Co-Founder and CEO of Sharp App Inc.

About Jason Mezrahi – Co-Founder and COO

Author of the Amazon bestseller “Win Daily,” Jason is the Co-Founder and COO of The Sharp App and founder and CEO of WinDailySports.com, a site dedicated to giving sports bettors and DFS players the tools they need to succeed.

He also hosts the Win Daily Show on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

What is the Sharp app?

Epstein & Mezrahi. Sharp is a first-of-its-kind sports betting app, providing an all-in-one platform experience of multimedia content, tools and solutions. The app was developed specifically to educate and empower sports bettors to make smarter decisions and manage their actions.

The Sharp app reduces the intimidation factor surrounding sports betting by providing bettors of all skill sets sound educational tools. It is only through education that bettors can then develop a long-term, sustainable relationship with sports betting.

Why was it important to create this app? What opportunity did you see in the market?

Epstein & Mezrahi. When a new product opens up to the market for the first time, companies tend to focus on educating their target audiences on how to use the product. However, since sports betting was legalized in 2018, its leading companies leap-frogged the need to educate new users and only focused on user acquisition. In trying to influence the widest audience sportsbooks push free bets or boost promotions as their leading user acquisition strategy. Pre-existing bettors and bettors with general knowledge tend to be the audiences who can take advantage of these promotions successfully. 

We looked at the other side of the market, which consists of potential bettors sitting on the sidelines. While the sports betting market is expanding rapidly, there are a large number of potential bettors who are either too intimidated by the process, or had a poor first experience and are tentative about trying again.

Sports betting is not a simple activity. There is a lot of jargon, rules and vernacular that need to be understood. Taking a free promotion and jumping into a sportsbook app to bet, with no prior training can be incredibly complicated. For example, what does -110 mean? What is a spread? What is a prop bet? What does success actually look like?

Apps that are truly technologically innovative, focused on user education and self-management are already second nature to consumers in areas such as personal finance, health or fitness. There is no logical reason why sports betting should be any different. We built the most comprehensive sports betting educational hub to help all bettors, from sharps to novices, with tips and lessons, tutorials and tools to empower them to make smart, confident decisions. 

What features and value can users expect on the platform?

Epstein & Mezrahi. The anchor feature of the app is “Sharp Academy.” Sharp Academy is a multimedia masterclass teaching bettors with all skill levels different aspects of sports betting. Led by sports betting expert John Alesia, Sharp Academy produces daily content (podcasts, live streams and articles) providing tips, advice and strategies aimed at breaking down sports betting to its foundational elements.

Additional app features include bet tracking technology, odds checking, and team and player prop projections. We are continuously working on developing new tools for our users. Line movement statistics have already been added and we are in the process of incorporating sportsbook data, including where the Sharp and square money is, bet percentages and number of tickets. 

From the Sharp app business side, we added sports investor and entrepreneur David Meltzer and sports betting personality Anthony Gargano to our board of advisors. Both David and Anthony will be involved with our team to develop new ideas and tools to help Sharp be the best sports betting educational tool on the market.

You both run successful standalone platforms in Win Daily and DFS Army. What aspects of both companies have been infused into the Sharp app?

Epstein & Mezrahi. Sharp is the amalgamation of two companies, Win Daily and DFS Army. Both companies have more than 10-years of experience combined, in understanding the needs, wants, and pain points of sports bettors. We both had a fundamental understanding that there was a glaring opportunity in the market to help build a more empowered bettor through education.

In mapping out the direction for Sharp, we knew that the app needed to have exceptional content that would keep users coming back, as well as cutting-edge technology that put the best tools into the hands of our future users. We took the best of both companies to create the Sharp app. The app unites Win Daily’s exceptional media content and DFS Army’s development of proprietary technology to create the ultimate sports betting educational experience. 

What has the user reception been since the launch of the app in August?

Epstein & Mezrahi. We couldn’t be happier with the feedback that we’ve been receiving from users since our launch. Sharp app users are highly engaged and achieve incredible personal results. Our user retention numbers are above the industry average and our downloads continue to outperform week to week. We really feel that our immense library of sports betting content, tools, and applications is what this emerging market was in need of.

What is next for Sharp?

Epstein & Mezrahi. We just launched our Pro Plan at $9.99 per month and $59.99 per year. With that plan, our users will have access to all of Sharp’s content as well as our new Sharp models. We are also planning new shows and ways to give back to our loyal community with gamification features that will reward our members with memorabilia, prizes, and giveaways.

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