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Rory Credland: “We may see more massive partnerships coming off the back of the Sports Betting USA Conference”

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This year has been full of fantastic events and conferences centered around the U.S. gambling and sports betting market. Next in line: the New York City Sports Betting Investor Summit and Sports Betting USA – both in November, 2019.

USBettingReport.com got the chance to send over 5 quick questions to Rory Credland, Event Director of Sports Betting USA Conference.

What are some of the most challenging aspects of putting together an event of this size?

Credland. The most challenging part is getting the right groups of people to the right event. That’s why Sports Betting Investor Summit is on the 4th of November and its sister show, Sports Betting USA, is on the 5th and 6th.

The  Sports Betting Investor Summit is an incredible networking environment for sector Investors, advisors, CEOs, CFOs, and IROs and focuses on what investors in the sector need to know.

I think we will see many more deals like the Fox Sports deal in the future

Sports Betting USA, takes the other perspective and focuses on what operators need to know. There is more focus on media, acquisition, and operations, and sees CMOs, COOs, CTOs and other industry leaders joining on the 5th and 6th.

Hosting the show in New York has many natural advantages as you have America’s financial and media centers in your back yard.

Did The Stars Group/Flutter merger have an effect on pre-conference planning efforts? How much of an impact do you expect that partnership to have on competitors and the overall future of gaming?

Credland. That merger happened after the planning had started, but certainly threw a new element into our thinking. The Foxbet deal was also a big consideration in the planning of the show as it showed us that a new model for acquisition was very possible in the US market. I think that has been reinforced by the participation of major media companies and their eagerness to participate on panels. It looks like we may see some more massive partnerships coming off the back of Sports Betting USA.

How important is mass media to driving fan acquisition and engagement in sports. Does Fox Sports have a monopoly now or is there still room for new players to enter the field and what would that look like?

Credland. There are several major media channels, and several more licensable entities. I think we will see many more deals like the Fox Sports deal in the future. The tipping point for these media deals to really start ramping up engagement will have to be when more states license, and then the mass media engine can run at its most efficient pace.

What is the importance of the NFL’s position on sports gambling to the future of gaming, and what might create the necessary momentum that will bring the NFL around?

The NFL will be speaking in New York at the Sports Betting USA Conference, so we all have to wait until November 5th and 6th to find out!

What will the significance of eSports gaming be? How much effort should the industry be expending on eSports right now?

Credland. eSports is a different animal. There is certainly a massive fan base, and eSports is going to exhibit staying power, and likely will only get bigger, but we took a decision that eSports and Sports Betting are very different propositions, and that’s why we have not focused on it at this year’s event. 

A short note from the organizers

Have you got a stake in the growing sports betting market in the United States? The Sports Betting USA and Investor Summit are two back-to-back events that will bring the worlds of finance, media and sports betting, both digital and land-based, together on November 4-6, for a dissection of opportunities and challenges to the evolution of the wagering industry that has been estimated to be worth up to $150 billion – the first to do so.

With a stronger line-up than ever, don’t miss the opportunity to be amongst and network with individuals who are at the cutting edge in the sports betting market.

For maximum opportunity, combine both events and save up to $600! To secure your ticket, visit: https://www.sportsbettingusaconference.com/choose-your-pass

NYC Sports Betting Investor Summit sponsored by Morgan Stanley: Nov 4th
Sportsbetting USA Conference: Nov 5-6th

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