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Quarter4 CEO: “Quarter4 is the Google of betting intelligence”

Just before the end of a crazy 2020, we are super excited to understand more about Quarter4, a very interesting platform that uses AI and machine learning to predict the outcome of games so that their users can make better bets.

Quarter4 CEO Kelly Brooks took time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions about the platform, the background and how we can use it to become better bettors.

If you were to describe what Quarter4 can do in a quick one-minute recap for someone; what would you tell them?

Brooks. Quarter4 is the Google of betting intelligence. Our AI technology is developed with deep learning and generates thousands of daily predictions called 4Qasts. These predictions foretell team and player performance and are used by sports bettors to make more informed sports bets.

The newest version of the platform allows a user to search for any game and any stat or prop within seconds. The end user can also sign up for texts or emails that deliver premium content to those end users.

Our system is fully automated and our end goal is to widen the sales funnel for sportsbooks, while at the same time, deliver superior and elevated content to new and current bettors who are looking for something very different.

What is the back story behind how Quarter4 got started?

Brooks. We have a tech background. This is my 13th year in the tech space and my second start-up. In early 2019 Danijela Covic (co-founder and CSO) and I challenged our best developers to use AI as an experiment: Could we predict how Kyle Lowry, of the Toronto Raptors, would perform in a playoff scenario?

We ran some initial algorithms and they ended up being quite accurate. We did not plan to end up in the betting space, but one of our advisors, Julian Franklin, suggested we fly down to the 2019 NBA Summer League, in Las Vegas, and pitch the platform to NBA agents.

On our fourth day there, we connected with Austin and Trevor Eastman from Odyssey Sports. Austin is an NBA agent. He looked at what we had and said, “you need to use this for sports betting…with all of the legislative changes…this could blow up!”. They became our first strategic investment and powered us to where we are now.

COVID-19 has obviously been a game-changer for the industry either positive or negative – what did COVID-19 do for Quarter4?

Brooks. It was a tough go at first. Our launchpad was March Madness 2019. We generated one of the industry’s only AI-driven brackets for consumer use. Everything fell apart at the start of the pandemic, including investor conversations.

Danijela and I paused for a few days and then we rallied. We used the quiet time to develop the system further. We also reached out to everyone that we could, in the sports betting space. Decision makers had time to chat and talk about the future of the industry. From there we were able to add potential investors and partners to our community.

When the condensed season for NBA and NHL launched in July and August, our platform was ready and we onboarded more than 5,000 users in six weeks. People were hungry for sports and betting! It has forced the industry to change and we are lucky to be a part of that disruption now.

What are the long-term goals for Quarter4?

Brooks. We are building an Artificial Intelligence and content empire to disrupt the sports betting space. We are not just a predictions platform. We are going to own a significant portion of the content opportunity with our technology, with a large focus on affiliate marketing and B2B partnerships that revolve around our unique predictive insights.

What’s been the greatest challenge so far in the early going with Quarter4?

Brooks. We introduced our technology early in 2019, and I think that we were ahead of the curve. We had a lot of educating to do. Now, partners and investors are starting to understand the potential of Artificial Intelligence and how it can progress the industry beyond expectations. We really look forward to what the future holds for Quarter4.

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