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PointsBet’s Erin Dolan: “Sports have the ability to bring people together”

Erin Kate Dolan

Erin is the global face of online sportsbook PointsBet and the host of PointsBet’s own “NFL Pick 6” and “Behind the Lines” shows. She is also featured on VSiN’s “Betting Across America” and the “Public Pulse” which includes man-on-the-street interviews.

Originally from Philadelphia, Erin is an experienced sport journalist and producer, and the first female ever to be awarded with Philadelphia Broadcasters Foundation’s Harry Kalas Award. Her work has gotten the attention of both traditional sports media as well as sports fans online – while Erin doesn’t see herself as an influencer, her online following has grown to nearly 25k.

This week, USBettingReport.com had the privilege of speaking to Erin about her career in journalism, her thoughts on the future, and her thoughts on sports as a driver for positive change.

You’ve had quite an exciting career already, what led to your decision to make the switch from broadcast journalism to sports betting with PointsBet?

Erin Dolan of PointsbetDolan. After graduating from Penn State with a degree in broadcast journalism, I began my professional career at a local news station in Philadelphia as a sports reporter for PHL17 and sideline reporter for the Philadelphia Wings of the National Lacrosse League. I grew up in the Philly area and was always a diehard sports fan, so my goal from day one was always to work in sports, all day and every day!

Working in sports and in my home market of Philadelphia right out of college was obviously an amazing experience, but I ultimately decided to make the transition to PointsBet because of the opportunity at hand. My values aligned with the company, and given the trajectory of PointsBet and the sports betting industry as a whole, I knew it was a chance I couldn’t pass up.

PointsBet has been a fantastic experience so far, and I’ve really welcomed the opportunity they’ve presented me with in being able to make an impact right away. Working specifically in sports betting has enabled me to at once indulge my passion on a daily basis while also learning so much.

Have you ever considered switching to broadcast news coverage or do you plan to stay with sports? Are you a fan of particular teams or sports?

Dolan. Sports are my thing. As mentioned, my goal from a very young age was to work in sports, so I always tried to market myself as a sports personality and remained focused on finding ways to work in a field that I’m so passionate about. Despite my move into a new and developing vertical, I certainly consider my current role at PointsBet as that of a broadcast journalist.

Sports have the power to help people direct their energy into something positive and impactful, and for that I am very grateful.

Growing up near Philadelphia, you luckily learn to become a diehard Philly sports supporter basically at birth. I grew up around strong, passionate, opinionated fans that love to support the city no matter the sport (and definitely hate certain opposing teams – cough, cough, Cowboys!). The overall Philly sports atmosphere has also helped me personally, providing me with the grit needed to be successful.

Your media profile shows that you have nearly 25K followers on your social media platforms, and that you think of them often. Do you feel that you’re an influencer and, if so, does that add affect how your broadcast?

Dolan. While my social media followers have increased throughout my career, I don’t consider myself an influencer. I probably live my life a bit more in the public eye these days, so I always keep that top of mind, similar to any public figure.

In terms of my broadcasts, I write my own scripts alongside the PointsBet production team and we always aim to provide content that is interesting and informative for a wide range of viewers. That is a strategy I’d follow regardless of how many people check out my Twitter or Instagram account. At the end of the day, content can spur positive or negative feedback, but I always appreciate people tuning in.

You have a wide variety of interests, and it seems the sky’s the limit in terms of future career choices, what is going to be your next big thing?

Dolan. Sports betting is the next big thing! I am very passionate about my professional career and love what I do. Almost all of my interests and hobbies involve sports in some sense, be it coaching and helping young athletes develop, personal training, etc.

You’ve won an impressive number of awards, as well. Do any of them stand out to you personally as more rewarding? Do you have a dream award?

Dolan. The Harry Kalas Award stands out to me because I was the first female to receive the honor from the Philadelphia Broadcasters Association. Harry Kalas is a broadcast legend in the Philadelphia community and beyond, so to win that while in college was both humbling and inspiring. 

Winning the award also allowed me to meet one of my current mentors, resulting in a professional relationship that has been super beneficial. 

My dream award and goal is to one day be inducted into the Philadelphia Sports Hall of Fame. I’ve been to the HOF ceremony twice, and it is extremely moving to see all the great athletes, coaches and media personalities achieve that honor and represent the city.

You founded a grade school track and field club at Drexel Neumann Academy in Chester, Pa. You have said you strongly believe that sports save lives. In what way?

Dolan. In my eyes, sports have the ability to bring people together. Regardless of one’s personal background or beliefs, sports present all with the chance to be a part of the same community, working together and cheering for the same common goal. 

Drexel Neumann Academy – where I started a track and field team – sits in the heart of Chester City, Pa., which unfortunately has had issues in recent years with crime, murder and so on. When people ask why I want to work in sports, it goes back to the above and is much deeper than just my sports fandom.

I think my involvement with Drexel Neumann Academy helps speak to that, as the track team there has given students a chance to come together and stay out of trouble while learning valuable life lessons by way of athletics and competition. Sports have the power to help people direct their energy into something positive and impactful, and for that I am very grateful.

Follow Erin’s work: @erinkatedolan, @pointsbetusa and Instagram @ ErinKateDolan

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