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BetSperts CEO: “Our Betting App is for Every Level of Sports Gambler”


This week we got time to chat with Reid Rooney who is the CEO / Co-Founder of BETSPERTS, a company that has been labelled by a DraftKings product director as the “LinkedIn of sports betting” and that recently raised its second seven-figure fundraising in 2020.

Rooney played college baseball at Central Michigan University and has a Major in Entrepreneurship with a Masters in Entrepreneurial Transactions. His favorite Chicago-based teams are White Sox, Notre Dame, Tottenham, Bears, Villanova, Blackhawks.

USBettingReport asked Rooney a few quick question about their app and what users can expect from it,

What do you want potential new clients to know and understand about BETSPERTS?

Rooney. We want everyone to first and foremost know that BETSPERTS is free to join and check out.  We would love for users to give it a look because it is the most detailed bet tracking platform and the biggest sports gambling social network in the USA.  

You are able to connect with fellow sports gamblers and create a trusted network because as everyone tracks their bets the information is very reliable as it cannot be tampered with.  Lines and odds can’t be changed or added / deleted after a game begins while everything is completely transparent to all other BETSPERTS.  

Finally, there is a crowdsourced platform promoting and encouraging transparency and reliability.

How large was the “leap of faith” it took you to go from your previous job to a little bit of an unknown in BETSPERTS?

Rooney. It was a pretty large leap.  My co-founder and I were fortunate to love the company, team, and bosses we worked for.  

With how big we saw the sports gambling market becoming we knew we had to take the jump though because there are only a few markets like this in a lifetime while your personal situation lines up and allows the leap to be made.  We could not be happier we started BETSPERTS and are thrilled for where it is now and ecstatic for where it is going.

What kind of sports fan do you expect to have come over and use your services at BETSPERTS?

Rooney. Not all sports fans are sports gamblers but more and more those groups are merging.  We have the full spectrum of sports gamblers from beginners to experienced gamblers using our platform and we try to have something on the platform for each of them.  

We will continue to go down the path of making each group of sports gamblers and sports fans feel welcome and entertained using BETSPERTS.  Whether it is just watching what other gamblers are doing or talking about or very particularly researching bets and tracking their picks for themselves or even for their followers every user should be able to find something they enjoy.

What has been the biggest challenge with the process of developing BETSPERTS?

Rooney. Sleeping… but after lack of sleep I would say as a first time tech / app builder the amount of time everything takes.  To do it all properly and make sure the platform is at the level of quality we (and our users have come to expect) everything takes longer to build and develop than I would like.  That is not a reflection on our tech team as they do an amazing job but more a reflection on my personality as I want to execute ideas instantaneously for our users.

Finally, we must ask. With your Chicago background. What are the real and honest chances the Chicago Bears win the Super Bowl?*

*Question sent over to Rooney before this week’s MNF

Rooney. I would have said this before the MNF game vs the Rams but absolutely 0.  We have been faking our way through an offense ever since Coach Nagy arrived and we have no shot at real NFL success in his system no matter who plays QB.  Now my White Sox in the next 5 years…. That’s a different story.

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