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5 Quick Questions with Wolf Tracker – The App that keeps track of your betting

Wolf Tracker

This week we got the chance to speak with the team behind Wolf Tracker, who are launching their new online sports betting app which helps players better monitor and track their bets.

What is Wolf Tracker?

WT: Wolf Tracker is an app that tracks your sports betting performance and reports back to you when you want – daily, weekly or monthly or for your chosen period of betting dates. Your betting reports are emailed to you or you can access them right away via the App.

Each report contains graphs and detailed information on your performance losses and wins, your best betting day, and so on. The App also has a daily news feed with sports betting industry news and sports events throughout the globe for each mainstream sport.

How did you come up the name?

WT: I think every bettor is almost like a lone wolf, having to support themselves and trying to beat the bookies, other bettors, or the trading markets. It’s an industry with limited support for bettors, where operators often have the advantage. Wolfs are one of our favorite animals too!

Why should those interested in sports betting use your app?

WT: Businesses use KPIs to check and measure performance daily, weekly, and monthly. If you consider sports betting investing you’ll need to keep track of your investments, understand where you can make more money, where you are losing money, etc. It’s key to becoming a profitable bettor. 95% of bettors lose money and our goal is to decrease that number and to help bettors make more money through our performance app.

What are your plans for the future?

WT: To have Wolf Tracker used worldwide; to help bettors make better decisions when investing their money and avoid heavy losses due to their existing KPIs or betting reports. Wolf Tracker reports will keep getting more and more detailed so better betting decisions can be made by bettors. We want Wolf Tracker to be the go-to App to understand what you’re doing with your betting bankroll!

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